Tua’s future, season result – Balls in the court of Dolphins owner Steve Ross if he knows what to do – The Mercury News

There were “Tua” chants at the end. There was also coach Brian Flores, talking about his team’s “flexibility” based on the brightness of New England’s season sweep.

If only it meant anything.

if only it had a consequence,

If only dolphins played like this, when it was actually last week in Tennessee.

What kind of fun-fest would it have been on Sunday if the Dolphins made themselves qualify as they overtook New England in the playoffs 33-24?

As Flores said, “The people are proud of this team, proud of their fighting, proud of their resilience”. sunday game,

As it was, it was a hollow day, an empty season, right down to chants from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who probably played his last game in Dolphins’ uniform. It is up to the owner of the team, Steve Ross. He hasn’t spoken publicly in nearly two years, so it’s hard to know his thoughts on anything, how he feels about this rebuild without a playoff appearance at Monday’s fourth birthday party.

The ball is in your court, Steve.

Would you like to: a) Cut the bait with Tua after two seasons; b) cut general manager Chris Grier to pick Tua in the three-year sacrifice of the season; c) Cut the bait with Flores and move on to the object of your heart’s desire in Jim Harbaugh, an apparently NFL-bound Michigan coach a decade ago; or d) all of the above catastrophic?

You can make a case for each of them.

You can’t make a case for anyone.

You might be wondering if Ross knows what to do, given that he has 12 years as the owner of a playoff game.

You can also expect Deshan Watson to be on Line 1 any day now, given the position we were in on the November 2 trading time frame. Has anything changed to change that idea? Has Ross wondered what it would be like to face a franchise facing 22 sexual assault allegations?

Tua put on a stellar performance in Sunday’s opening campaign, completing all seven passes for 54 yards and a touchdown. He then completed 55 yards passes for the rest of the day. He’s just a boy. just a man. Is there anything else out there?

His big plays on Sunday were with his feet, in the actual third-down runs he had shown no affection towards trying until the final minutes of the season.

“We wanted to end the season with a bang, that’s what we did and did,” he said.

Well, if a fun but insignificant victory is a blast, then that was it.

He said, ‘This season has been full of ups and downs for me and many others. “We’ll see what the offseason has planned for us.”

Yes, here we are, off season. again. You want to call it the most important off-season for the Dolphins in years, but the last three seasons have been like that.

Flores was asked a question on Sunday about what it was like to coach the second Dolphins to a winning season in two of his first three years. Does it matter if he didn’t make the playoffs in either season?,

Flores was also asked how it felt for the Dolphins to sweep the Patriots for the first time in 20 years. Let me answer: Wouldn’t it have been better if it meant the Dolphins were going to the playoffs instead of the Patriots?

Here’s a simple question for Flores: Was it a successful year? Bottom-line-stuff. Basic where is-your-bar fundamentals.

“Every year is different,” replied Flores. “Every experience you learn from them, good or bad. That’s how I try to approach everything. I learned this year about myself, about this team, the players of this team and the people in our building.” I’ve learned a lot. That’s what I really take from it. … I think I’ve grown up a bit, but I hope that’s the case for everyone.

That’s existential, man.

I was just hoping for some perspective in the big picture of a lost season on what is to be a good but ultimately meaningless Sunday. The goal was the playoffs. I mean, isn’t it? Or has that bar been set too high for everyone?

Another season says goodbye, as chants of “tua,” echo. Does it matter that another year was lost? Does Ross care? Or should we just celebrate. Nothing wins?

Receiver Jaylen Waddell said of the season, “It had its highs and it had its lows,” great for him, “I don’t even have words for it. It was brand new.”

He’s a cheater, bless him. He has all the seasons ahead of him. But no rookie in the past 20 years has won a playoff game for the Dolphins. Sunday was fun. But imagine how it would feel if that victory had any meaning?