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Tucker Carlson assures antivirals he is not ‘pretending’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is gearing up for another anti-wax tire on the October 11, 2021 edition of his show.۔

Woman protests too much, guess: Fox News host Tucker Carlson spent part of his show Monday night assuring his audience of blasphemous anti-vixens that he was “absolutely excused” to agree with them. Not doing. “

On Monday’s edition of his show, The Daily Beast reported., Carlson urged the audience to take it to their word. Not spreading Falsehoods, deceptions, and misinterpretations of infectious disease statistics on vaccines for “dignity or classification”. Carlson added that those who oppose the Biden administration’s employer vaccine mandate are “real”.

Carlson targeted Biden. Recent misrepresentation That Fox News needs all its employees. Get a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, which is only half true..

“As a matter of fact, what Biden just said is completely wrong. It’s a lie, period,” Carlson said during his show. “We can say this with authority since we have been working here.”

Not much compliment to the True Network, which broadcasts regularly. Anti-wax propaganda. Fox is actually rolling a. Strict version From the Biden administration’s employer mandate – staff will have to take vaccine or daily corona virus tests, while feeds only need testing For those who choose this route on a weekly basis.And it already had a vaccine passport system. But of course, anything.

Carlson added that the network was “alone in major media outlets” in defense of “the country’s fundamental civil liberties”, with the right to maximize the chances of someone potentially contracting a deadly disease. References

Citing one of Biden’s domestic policy advisers, Carlson added: “They assume that the people you see on Fox News must be pretending, pretending to be money or prestige or ratings or something … but they’re wrong. We’re not pretending at all. Doing so. It’s real. “

Of course, there is ample evidence to disprove Carlson’s veracity.

For example, Carlson regularly spins wild stories based on vaccinations. On poor evidenceIncluding things about which he has no doubt that he is completely wrong, such as his claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccine Edward Event Reporting System The coronavirus vaccine is extremely dangerous. Shows the oppositeHe cites thousands of deaths, most of them old people. Died by chance After the vaccination.) He will not specify whether. She has received the vaccine. Himself.

Carlson has said openly. He admitted that he was lying on TV.. Politics. Fact checkers He found that 87% of the controversial statements he reviewed were “mostly false,” “false,” or “paint on fire” for all of these matters. Talking in the trash, the rest of the media serves as his everyday meat and smile, he is famous. One of the biggest gossips To media reporters

The question of whether Carlson is really as ignorant as he pretends to be on TV is somewhat irrelevant, such as the vaccine. Safe and efficient., And the majority of people these days are hospitalized or dying from the novel coronavirus. One not found.

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