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Tucker Carlson has promised that he is “not pretending” to be angry at the vaccine mandate, saying “it’s real!”

Fox News star Tucker Carlson. He says he is “not making any excuses” against the vaccine mandate in pursuit of “dignity or ranking”, insisting that his outrage is “real”.

In recent months, and especially since President Joe Biden issued a series of vaccine requirements, Fox News host and commentator. He has spoken out against the COVID-19 vaccine policies, likening them to a time of oppression. Praise for those who oppose the mandate. Carlson, in particular, is. He spoke very openly against Government and business orders, even Fox Corporation itself has a very strict policy. The Biden administration needs something from private sector employers.

In a speech last week defending his vaccine mandate, Biden noted that more and more large businesses are now ordering their employees to be vaccinated. At the same time, He said by mistake “Fox News needs vaccinations for all its employees.”

While Fox is proud that more than 90 percent of its staff have been vaccinated, not all of its employees need to be shot. Instead, the company needs daily testing for people who refuse to take the job or do not disclose their vaccination status.

“As a matter of fact, what Biden just said is completely wrong. It’s a lie, period,” Carlson said Monday night in Biden’s comments. “We can say this with authority since we have been working here.”

After claiming that Fox News was “alone in the big media outlets” in defending “the country’s fundamental civil liberties”, Carlson appeared angry at the suggestion that his opposition to the COVID vaccine and epidemic ban The sounds of the night are not authentic.

“For vicious writers like Joe Biden and the hooligans around him, like Susan Rice, that can’t be real,” he muttered. “They think that the people you see on Fox News are acting, money or prestige or ratings or something else.”

“But they’re wrong,” Carlson concluded dramatically. “We’re not pretending at all. It’s real.”

Fox News called for a more aggressive vaccine policy and broadcasting PSAs to vaccinate viewers. The number of Carlson’s critics has cried. Contradictory Fox News host. Apparently giving his employer a pass.. MSNBC rival Chris Hayes, for example, Carlson was repeatedly blown up. On his perceived hypocrisy

“Even if you don’t want people to think you’re a complete hoax, you should have the courage to call Fox News or resign in protest.” Hayes said sarcastically last week. “There is no other option. This is the only way forward. You can do it, Tucker. I trust you.”

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