TV star James Nesbit presents national award to Bognor’s F&G Transport

A SUSSEX based hauler is called a . presented with National Award by TV star James Nesbitt.

Cold Feet Star presented the award to F&G Transport in recognition of the firm’s ongoing growth and success.

He appeared on the Fortek Distribution Network, which was held at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

Bognor Hauler was presented with the Regional Member of the Year Award for the South East, an award presented by an Irish actor.

The ceremony was sponsored by Stills, and was meant to celebrate independent haulers across the country.

F&G Transport is a member of the Fortec Distribution Network – a pallet network of independent freight firms that work in partnership to collect and distribute freight across the UK.

Emma Lindsley, Director of F&G Transport, said: “We were delighted and very proud to have received the Regional Member of the Year award for Southeast.

“It is truly a team effort with office, warehouse and driving staff playing a key role in ensuring our continued excellence in serving both our customers and the members/shareholders in the Fortek distribution network.

“The FourTech Distribution Network is constantly adapting, growing and progressing and we are thrilled to be a part of that success story.”

The company was selected for the award due to its continuous growth, compliance, quality delivery and communication.

As a member of the Fortec network, F&G Transport has been instrumental in its national success, helping to establish and develop services in the Southeast and beyond.

The night was a special celebration for Fortek and its members as it celebrated its 25th anniversary, the company’s first in-person event in nearly two years.

It was also the first in-person event held in partnership with Pal-X Group, which acquired Fortek in August 2020.

Kevin Buchanan, Group CEO of Pal-X Group, said: “We are proud to mark this important milestone with our network members in recognition of their role in building the Fortec Distribution Network into the successful logistics operation it is today. are eligible.

“We are particularly pleased to highlight the work of F&G Transportation with the Regional Member Award, for their exceptional contribution to Fortec over the past 12 months, their continuity of service and their dedication to maintaining high standards. Going above and beyond to be sure.

“The industry as a whole has faced some difficult years, with the pandemic and Brexit posing unique challenges, and our members deserve to be celebrated as transportation heroes.”

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