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Two thousand police officers have been charged with sexual misconduct in the past four years.

According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, about 2,000 police officers serving in the last four years have been charged with sexual assault.

Figures from 39 forces show that about two-thirds of complaints have been closed, but that about 30 to 30 percent of officers, special constables or PCSOs accused of sexual misconduct have previously committed wrongdoing. Have faced separate claims.

The complaints included more than 370 allegations of sexual abuse, about 1,100 allegations of abuse and 18 alleged child sexual offenses. In all, there were 514 proven charges in 33 police forces.

However, only one-third of the convicted workers were fired in cases where sexual abuse complaints were upheld, according to figures from Channel 4. Delivery

Researchers at Bournemouth University say criminals appear to be targeting vulnerable people. One-fifth of victims were previously victims of domestic abuse, one-fifth had mental health problems, and a quarter had been sexually abused in the past.

Home Office Minister Damien Hinds called the revelations “shocking.” He added: “It is important that these cases be acted upon, and that the allegations be properly pursued.”

Of National Police Chiefs Council Admittedly, some people were drawn to policing “because of power, control and opportunity,” said Louisa Ralph, the body’s head of public safety. Delivery“We need to get to the bottom of what can be behind these cases in policing.”

A separate collection of data released Monday under Freedom of Information shows that between 2016 and 2020, 34 of the 750 sexual misconduct allegations against 31 police officers were dismissed.

They were published after Priti Patel announced an independent inquiry into “organized failures” which was allowed. Sarah Award.The killer, Van Cousins, will be hired as a police officer.

Blackstock’s Baroness Casey will take a closer look at the culture and standards in the Metropolitan Police in the wake of Ms. Auror’s assassination. Cousins, now serving a life sentence, used handcuffs and a warrant card issued by his police for a fake arrest to kidnap Ms Everard, 33, before raping and killing her.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct, which oversees the police complaints system, said it was working to “eliminate” any misuse of police powers, which it called a “serious breach of trust”. Has given

A spokesman said: “The misuse of police powers for the purpose of sexual exploitation or violence has a devastating effect on victims and has a serious effect on public confidence in individual officers and the service in general.

“It is important that there are effective systems in place to prevent, monitor and deal quickly with anyone who exploits this trust. In the context of the police service, this behavior is a form of corruption and so on. Should be dealt with.

Concluding Violence Against Women, which includes groups such as the rape crisis, refugees and women’s aid, said some officers experienced significant consequences of violence against women and girls.

Denzie Ogor, its deputy director, said: “We need to see how the police respond to violence against women, especially in their own ranks.

This means greater accountability and prompt, coordinated and strategic action to address violence against women. Ultimately, we need to address these broad institutional failures before we can begin to undermine women’s confidence in the police.

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