CHARLESTON, SC (AP) – Doc Rivers was not expecting visitors one day this summer when members of his staff showed up uninvited at his home with a direct request from the Philadelphia 76ers coach: Tyrese Maxey needed an intervention.

It was true.

Maxey needed help getting out of the gym. So a pair of coaches tried to convince Rivers to get Maxey to slow down.

The third-year security guard found a pitch, pick-up game, anywhere with a basketball on his travels this summer, and hung around every day from dawn to lunch to late at night in an endless pursuit of professional perfection.

Yes, said Rivers, boneless.

“It’s hard to shut down a guy like that, he really is,” said Rivers. “They are young and you let them.”

Who Knew? The only way for a player like Maxey to play less basketball was to take him to training camp. Maxey was laughing Wednesday, counting the hours at the team hotel the night before, from “like 4:30, 5 to 11” with teammates Joel Embiid, James Harden, PJ Tucker, Tobias Harris and other playing cards, video games , basically bonding the way Rivers imagined when he moved the camp from team headquarters in New Jersey to the Citadel. The only way Maxey got close to the ball was by appearing on the game console.

Unfortunately, mostly Madden and FIFA.

These games belonged to Embiid.

“They’re too competitive on these things,” said Maxey, laughing. – It was fun.

Philadelphia is the only city where you can experience the thrill of victory and pain when read next. day ”- but few have ignited unbridled devotion from the start of his career, as has Maxey.

Smile. Field trips to Union and Phillies games. The style of Allen Iverson, which leaves everything on the pitch during each game, captivated him so much with fans that his number 0 jerseys during matches seemed to rival Embiid’s jerseys. Sixers fans panicked as Ben Simmons faced the Game 7 open batch when it was suggested over the summer that he might be traded in Brooklyn for disgruntled newbie Kevin Durant.

Not Maxey!

He hosted the Philadelphia basketball camp, played in the annual Philly summer basketball tournament (obviously had a double-double), hit the drum during the Union game, and joined the Phillies broadcast booth for the game this summer.

He squeezed into those extracurricular activities when he wasn’t in the gym – or the gym.

“No matter where I was, if I was in LA, Dallas, if I came back to Philly, I knew I was training four times a week and I am going to do it no matter what happens,” Maxey said. “In Dallas, I had to go to different places because they didn’t have a lot of equipment. Sometimes I had to go to SMU, sometimes I had to go to where my high school trainer works. This is just a consequence of this, that is my main motto. “

Does Maxey feel like he’s sprouted 24 inch pythons?

“I feel a little stronger,” Maxey said, laughing as he checked both biceps.

The 21-year-old Kentucky defender was drafted into service as the starting point defender last season as Simmons’ persistent grasp turned into a full replacement with Harden, with he averaging 35.3 minutes and 17.5 points. He broke through the playoffs and had Sixers fans screaming “Maxey! Maxey! Maxey! ” after every electrifying game in the 38-point game against Toronto, with five threes in total and 21 points in the third quarter victory in the first leg.

In the second game he scored 23 points, nine rebounds and eight assists. He added 21 points in a match 3 win in the next round over Miami. With each large basket, his Philly numbers only grew – and grew louder in the Wells Fargo Center.

His play-off performance only fueled his motivation to go to the gym, a passion that started in 10th grade when he joined some friends called The Breakfast Club for 4:30 AM training and pick-up games. When he got to Kentucky, he organized pre-sunrise classes.

“Everyone has their own stuff,” said Maxey. “I guess so I have a psychological advantage over my opponent. I feel like no one else wakes up at 5am in the summer when you can go to sleep and do the same at 10am, 11am, 1 am. I’d rather someone tell me you gotta pull it back than someone told you I gotta get up.

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