UK weather: Meteorological Department predicts ‘wet conditions’ amid flood warnings

Families across the UK are being told to prepare for flooding as experts forecast more rain than usual in the next few months.

NS got from office The three months from November to January are expected to be above-normal winters, with more rain expected in January next year and beyond.

The Environment Agency (EA) is urging people to conduct their own investigations due to the potential for more wet weather flood risk Online, sign up for flood warnings and, if they are at risk, learn what to do if a flood hits their home.

Met Office Weather Forecast for December and January

Will Lang, head of civil contingencies at the Met Office, said variability was the defining characteristic of the UK winter, which features a mix of all weather types – as seen this autumn with some flooding and a cold snap looming .

“Effects such as cold weather spells and snow remain possible, and these effects of cold weather are more likely during the first part of the period leading up to Christmas,” Mr Lang said.

“Wetter conditions are more likely than normal, and this also means that there is a greater likelihood of impacts from rainfall and indeed from winds, especially in the later period, in January and beyond,” he said. They said.

The Bolton News: Homes at risk of flooding are urged to follow the advice of the Environment Agency.  (PA)Homes at risk of flooding are urged to follow the advice of the Environment Agency. (PA)

What to do if your home is at risk of flooding?

Homes at risk of flooding are urged to follow the advice of the Environment Agency.

  • If there is a flood warning, pack and prepare medicines and insurance and other important documents and visit the Flood Warning Information Service.
  • If there is a flood warning, act by moving family, pets and belongings to a safe location and turn off gas, water and electricity.
  • If there is a severe flood warning, avoid immediate danger by following the advice of emergency services or calling 999 if needed.

The EA estimates that 5.2 million properties in England are at risk from flooding.

The agency said it has 250 mobile pumps and 6,000 trained personnel ready to take action to protect communities from flooding this winter, while construction and repair of flood defenses continues throughout the year.

Carolyn Douglas, executive director of flooding at the Environment Agency, warned: “Now is the time for all of us to be vigilant, not complacent, about flooding.”

She continued: “We can’t prevent all flooding – climate change is only increasing that risk – and today’s data suggests that some people are prepared, many are not.

“It’s extremely important for the public to go online and check if they are at risk, sign up for Environment Agency warnings and know what to do when a flood occurs.”

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