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Ultimate Old Fashioned, the first luxury cocktail ready to drink.

Gold fashion bottle.

Designed with stunning ingredients, Gold Fashion sets a new standard for gold for the ready-to-drink category, offering the ultimate vintage fashion in limited releases.

Chicago, IL, (October 13, 2021) – Do you have old-fashioned wine in your home or maybe on your gift list? If your answer is “yes”, you may want to check out the world’s first luxury ready-to-drink cocktail, The Gold Fashion.

Although the retail price ($ 150) may seem a bit steep, consider that this cocktail does not need to be mixed. Serving friends and guests in gold fashion is like having a cocktail in your home, created by award-winning bartender and spirit producer Robert Haynes.

Gold Fashion is a perfectly balanced, unique cocktail experience created by the challenge of recreating the final version of the world’s most popular drink. Raising every element of the original old fashioned, its special recipe is made from the finest raw ingredients obtained from special producers in six living continents.

In old-fashioned glass

The foundation of gold fashion is a combination of 8 years. Straight bourbon. One of Kentucky’s most respected distilleries, and 5-year-old Indiana Street rye whiskey. Perfect for countless hours, this blend was chosen for a warm and smooth finish from bourbon, a complement to the spicy notes found in rye.

For fragrant bitters, Sunday’s Best has developed a proprietary blend of herbs and spices that produce as much detail as possible. Using traditional methods, hand-cut Herat saffron is mixed with Grade A Tahitian vanilla beans, single-generation Ecuadorian cocoa, Seville Orange Peel, and wild-grown gentian root from the French Alps.

The unique flavor of these wonderful flavors adds sophistication and sophistication to the profile cocktail, sharpening the elements of the basic spirits. For balance, Malawi-based Demrara Sugar provides a smooth response to whiskeys and bitters, enhancing their individual flavor notes and allowing them to shine.

No old fashion is complete without fresh orange zest, and gold fashion includes an orange zest atomizer adorned on the top of the cocktail. With a spirits, bright scents engage all senses, increase brightness, and stimulate the palate with the first taste.

A cocktail for special occasions.

“The first sip of a perfect cocktail in the perfect moment is a ridiculous collection,” says Robert Haynes, creator of Gold Fashion. When that happens, though, the experience can be profound. We wanted to create the absolute best cocktail in the world that could be enjoyed, sipped and tasted on these special occasions. Whether open to family or friends, or gifted to people you care about-it allows anyone to truly enjoy world-class cocktails no matter where they are Am

Each 750ml Gold Fashion bottle is packaged in a stunning royal blue presentation box, beautifully decorated with gold embossed Art Deco designs. With a careful focus on every detail, it includes a professional standard faucet for perfect, moderate casting.

Gold Fashion is available at select retailers and is shipped online to 45 states. You can follow on social media followthegoldfashioned.

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