Unapologetically Premium MagSafe iPhone-Apple Watch Dock

Good luck looking for the perfect iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock. I’ve tried dozens of them over the past year, and each is better than the last. The latest addition to consider is the Nomad Base One Max. It’s a heavy dock—2 pounds!— that can charge an Apple Watch and an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 at full 15-watt magsafe speed.

Launching with a retail price of around $150, the Base One Max is definitely a premium charging dock. That seems enough. It looks like a high end product. And, at times with it in my hands, it works flawlessly.

You need to find the perfect resting zone for your phone and watch all night long, but the Nomad Base One Max is a beautiful solution. Even better, it features the wireless phone charger on the right, for those of us who sleep on the left side of the bed.

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  • Full 15-Watt MagSafe Charging Speed ​​for Compatible iPhones
  • Premium 2-pound weight prevents the dock from lifting up


  • Requires use of a 30-watt or greater wall charger
  • Only charges two devices at once

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nightstand phone charger

Nomad Base One Max
The MagSafe charging area has been raised slightly to accommodate the cases or the iPhone’s camera bump.
Tyler Hayes

Nomad has made an amazing nightstand charging dock with the Base One Max. Sure, it can be used at a desk or anywhere else around the house, but this product feels like an iPhone (and Apple Watch) owner with the necessary charging needs for bedside is distilled entirely.

The most notable feature is that this charger supports the full 15-watt wireless charging speed offered by MagSafe. If you look carefully at all similar products available in the market, you will find that only very few have this officially supported MagSafe feature. Speed ​​matters less for an overnight charge, but it’s really handy to get a power boost during the day.

Unfortunately, the Base One Max doesn’t support the fast-charging speeds of the Apple Watch Series 7. It would have been nice to have a $150 charger, but I don’t even think I’m missing out without it.

One subtle thing I appreciate about the design of this device is that the iPhone charger is on the right and the watch charger is on the left. I sleep on the left side of the bed, so this layout means the phone is closer to me—and more convenient. Of course, you can feel the opposite if you sleep on the right side of your bed. It seems like Belkin always puts the phone on the left side of its charging dock, so I appreciate this design choice from the Nomad.

Nomad Base One Max
I appreciate that the iPhone charger is on the right and the watch charger is on the left.
Tyler Hayes

What about propped up versus flat for charging devices? There is no technical difference, and so the aesthetic decision is about your use or personal preference. I have preferred one or the other at different times. Right now, I like how the Nomad does it: The phone is lying flat and the Apple Watch is facing up. Or maybe I just appreciate that I can pick up my phone with a magnetic charger without having to top up the Base One Max.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need a wall charger with a 30-watt or higher capacity with the Base One Max. It comes with a 6-foot detachable USB-C cable, but you’ll need to provide your own wall wart. i want Nomad’s Small 30 Watt GaN Charger Came in the box.

A three-device dock?

Nomad Base One Max
Even though there are only two charging spots, the back of the Apple Watch has room to set up the AirPods case.
Tyler Hayes

Not many bedside charging docks stop at accommodating the iPhone and Apple Watch; These include a third place for wirelessly charging the AirPods. This makes sense for all those pocketable electronic devices you want to charge at the end of the day. In practice, I don’t charge the AirPods I use every day on my nightstand. I do not want too.

On the previous nightstand dock I was using, I used that third charging spot from time to time. Since I can also pop AirPods on the iPhone spot to charge on the base One Max, I can’t seem to remember that third spot. You may need to charge up to three devices at once every night. In that case, it’s probably not the charger for you. But you should probably also consider whether you really need a third space or like the idea of ​​having it available.

Even though the Base One Max can’t charge three devices at once, there’s enough room on the back of the Apple Watch charger to set up an AirPods case. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or not, but it does help keep the nightstand organized.

Should you buy the Nomad Base One Max?

Nomad Base One Max
White and silver color combination is available at launch, with the black variant coming later.
Tyler Hayes

The Nomad Base One Max, which costs $149.95, isn’t cheap, but it’s in line with the cost of most other name-brand multidevice nightstand chargers. In other words, this product isn’t the best overall value, but it does provide the premium look you can look for in a bedroom space. There’s a satisfying feeling to laying down and taking an iPhone off the charger that other products don’t.

I appreciate the Base One Max’s minimalist design. If you sleep on the left side of the bed, you can also assume that the phone charger is on the right side of the dock. The MagSafe’s full 15-watt charging speed is also a compelling feature. This won’t be the last charging dock I really like, but at the moment, the Base One Max is my favorite way to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.

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