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‘Unaware’ actress Britney Murphy’s tragic death exploited in new documentary

IThere was a sad turn of fate when the actress. Britney Murphy He was buried in 2009, the day before Christmas. Success Unaware, He always said that this was his favorite holiday.

The 32-year-old died a few days ago at her Los Angeles home, where she lived with her mysterious and controlling husband, Simon Monjek. The cause of death was said to be incurable pneumonia, which was caused by Murphy’s severe anemia and low weight. And while there was no evidence of alcohol or illicit substance use, an autopsy revealed that his system contained a combination of painkillers and overdose.

Murphy’s death raised the media circus when tabloids and paparazzi Terrified young starletsAt one point, famous blogger Perez Hilton happily used Microsoft Paint to make fun of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Murphy.

HBO Max. What happened, Britney Murphy?The two-part documentary, which premieres on Thursday, seeks to give some answers as to why the health of the bubbly and healthy actress could deteriorate so severely that one of the last people to work with Murphy called her. He was so weak that he seemed to be in pain every time he moved.

“Her eyes were very sunken, and she just looked very sad.” Some devilish. Make-up artist Trusta Jordan recalled. “She wasn’t herself. She was in so much pain. She had bumpy legs and she couldn’t stand.”

Much of the accusation in the film is leveled at Murphy’s 40-year-old husband, Monjick, an amateur British screenwriter who is described as a charming and sincere man, The woman jumps. According to the documentary, Monjek controlled every aspect of Murphy’s life and encouraged Murphy to lose weight and undergo plastic surgery, maintaining an unhealthy preference for anorexic-looking women.

Ultimately, the documentary accuses him of refusing to give Murphy medical help when he desperately needed it. And five months after Murphy’s death, Monjic also died, with almost identical causes of death.

It’s still a bit of a mystery how Monjick managed to sink his hooks into Murphy. Her friends describe her as particularly vulnerable when she met an aspiring filmmaker in 2006.

Already, Murphy had died in front of a Hollywood machine, losing weight, dying from blonde hair, and being told he was “embracing but not capable”.

Her career seemed to be in a state of disarray due to some weak plans, and Murphy was raising a broken heart over short-term relationships, including hers. 8 miles Costar Eminem and Ashton Kutcher, as well as talent manager Jeff Cotnetz’s failed engagements and Little black book Production Assistant Joe Mikaloso.

These factors created a great storm for Monjik, and the two married a year after their initial meeting. On one occasion, friends tried to intervene for Murphy, warning both him and his mother Sharon that Monjik’s previous run was in line with the law about his date and that he had lost his visa. Is living in the United States. But he allayed his fears, claiming that he had faith in her.

Following Monjek’s death, it was revealed that he had wiped out Murphy’s 3 million bank account in just three years. Murphy’s grieving mother was devastated when she learned that the jewelry Monjik claimed to be worth millions of dollars was counterfeit, quickly realizing all the properties and stocks she had claimed to have invested in. That too was a lie.

The documentary features interviews between Monjic’s defensive mother Linda and her brother James. They both admit that Monjik Master was a manipulator from an early age, but Linda argues that her personality changed only at the age of 16 when her father died of cancer.

What happened, Britney Murphy? Reveals that Monjek had two children, about whom Murphy allegedly knew nothing. It was only after her death that Monjek found out that she had given birth to a daughter and was funding her private education in England. But at a time when even Roger Neal, the publisher of Sharon and Monjik’s former crisis, didn’t know it, Monjik had given birth to a son with his ex-fianc Elizabeth Ragsdale.

Speaking for the first time, Ragsdale explained how Monjic had kicked him out of his feet after meeting him in Paris in 1998, prompting him to accept the offer as soon as he started dating. But he quickly learned that he was a skilled liar, explaining that one night when he tried to commit a crime in sex, Monjic falsely claimed to have spinal cancer and was in Monaco. Experimental treatment for shark art was needed.

Their relationship ended abruptly when Ragsdale was four months pregnant. Monjik had persuaded her to go to New York to have her baby in the United States, but when he landed and tried to contact her, she turned him into a ghost. “I called him, and he answered. I said, ‘Simon, I’ve done it …’ And before I could say it, he contacted me. Left me pregnant and destitute.

Actress Britney Murphy and husband Simon Monjic attend the Monique Lohlier Fall 2008 fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 5, 2008 at The Promenade in Bryant Park, New York City.

Brian Bader / Getty

Ragsdale alleged that Monjik preferred women who looked absurd and often criticized her body. He also claimed that he had separated her from his loved ones and believed that if that friend had been ill he would not have died and he would have taken her to the hospital.

The LA County Coroner claimed that Murphy had a direct role in her death due to her extremely low weight, explaining that she was not eating because of the severe anemia. ۔ The county medical examiner added that Murphy’s blood count was dangerously low. “If he had been tested before he died, any doctor would have taken him to the ER and taken him for transfusion,” he said.

Murphy’s loneliness shut Ragsdale’s explanation of Monjic to his family and friends. Shortly after starting dating, Murphy fired his entire team, replacing him with an incompetent Monjic. As a result, his career took a major turn for the worse, with Murphy appearing in horror films and live video films. In Murphy’s last film, Monjek demanded to be his only make-up artist.

Many people said that Murphy was often seen under the influence of some kind of substance, his speech was blurred and his eyes were shining. After her death, investigators found 90 bottles of the prescription scattered around her bedroom. The prescriptions were his name and a handful of nicknames.

He was almost fired. Across the hall. Because of her misguided “Jeckel and Hyde” behavior, including her relationship with Monjic, she refused to make a simple kissing scene. (Director Alex Merkin deliberately let Monjek hear his complaint that Murphy was on the verge of change, eventually Mongec forced Murphy to do the scene.)

Monjic also took control of Murphy’s personal life, with former co-stars and directors reminding him that he did not have a phone and that Monjik was the only way to contact him.

Monjic also took control of Murphy’s personal life, with former co-stars and directors reminding him that he did not have a phone and that Monjik was the only way to contact him.

Isolated from his friends, Murphy spent most of his time with Monjick in his illegitimate LA home, where Sharon also lived. The couple slept hard, reportedly going down all night and taking the day up to avoid fatigue. The documentary alleges that during all these nights, Monjick and Murphy will have a weird photo shoot, where Murphy will wear a face mask.

After Murphy’s death, Monjic did nothing to allay speculation around him, choosing to pose with Sharon in a photo shoot that showed him grieving for his grieving mother and son-in-law. Instead of loving. To make matters worse, they openly confessed to sleeping in the same bed, claiming that they were comforting each other.

A later interview with Larry King also turned out to be a disaster, as Monjic tried to explain his reasoning for not having an autopsy on Murphy, while a looped Sharon exploded. “It was a woman who just lost her daughter,” he said, referring to Sharon. This ancient body that is curved in all the right places, silky skin. How could I tell her mother to cut her off?

While What happened, Britney Murphy? Trying to answer his question, it falls short with the full truth of the incident of Murphy and Monique relaxing.

If anything, it emphasizes how horribly he was treated and then ignored, both then and now. People close to him were unable to find signs of possible domestic abuse, and those close to him were unable to stop Monjic’s grip.

Actress Britney Murphy appeared at the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 23, 2010 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.

Kevin Winter / Getty

As a result, Murphy was exploited by the man he trusted the most: her husband. And documentaries are often convicted of exploitation.

The opening scene plays the shocking sound of 911, where Murphy’s mother Guttural laments as Monjic tries to do CPR on Murphy’s lifeless body. Sloan Esso’s synth and pop song, “Die Young,” flared up before the audience could barely recover, with pictures of a young Murphy flashing across the screen.

The filmmakers selectively sprinkled Murphy’s clips from his various films to create a kind of bizarre personal interpretation. When interviewers speculate about Murphy’s use of medication and prescription pills, Murphy is portrayed as Daisy. Girl, obstacle Saying, “Just give me the volume.”

In the final scenes of the documentary, random YouTube bloggers are given screen time to determine if Murphy’s autopsy was fake, if he was deliberately poisoned, or if someone was bribed to hide the truth. Was given to expose their baseless views about it. The movie cuts a clip of Murphy. Prediction II. Where she shoots herself in the chest with a gun. “Please can’t you let me die?” She begs

There is no denying that there must be a public confession from the public and the media for misleading Murphy. It was used as a cheap punch line at a time when it was in dire need of help. Saturday night live. And Howard Stern mocked him, calling him fat and ugly, and making crude remarks about his past relationship with his then-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

The world has been forced to reconsider his treatment of Spears, Hilton and Lohan, and Murphy deserves the same level of sympathy. Just for that, it will come too late.

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