Universities must set ‘ambitious targets’ to promote graduates in high-paying jobs


university The government’s leveling-up plans will need to set ambitious targets to reduce dropout rates and improve graduate progress in high-paying skilled jobs.

Higher education institutions would be expected to improve education outcomes for poor children at local schools and colleges – including by offering teachers and students to tutor pupils.

The new measures will help prevent universities from enrolling students only in degree courses, which leads to “dropping out, despair and unemployment”, universities minister Michelle Donelan would suggest.

Ms Donelan will ask universities to rewrite their outreach and participation plans with harder goals to increase the proportion of students studying degree apprenticeships and higher technical qualifications.

Gone are the days when universities were admitting students to courses that lead to dropouts, frustration and unemployment.

The Department of Education (DFE) has stated that working only with students who have the potential to go to university improves learning outcomes.

Universities will be urged to improve outcomes by running summer schools, supporting curriculum development, or offering tuition for disadvantaged students at schools and colleges in their area.

In a speech to the higher education sector on Wednesday, Ms Donelan, the minister for higher and further education, would say: “We must be just as important to enter.

“Gone are the days when universities were admitting students to courses that lead to drop outs, despair and unemployment. A student’s results after university should be as important to providers as a student’s grades before university.

“We need to send a message to every underprivileged youth thinking about higher education that they will get support through school, college and university to get there and achieve positive results for themselves.”

The Office for Students (OFS) will ensure that new outreach and participation schemes focus on ensuring that universities admit disadvantaged students to courses that deliver positive outcomes – and that they tackle dropout rates and graduates Having them support them in highly skilled, high paying jobs.


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