Unsealed Depp vs Heard Court Docs Reveal Raw Texts With Marilyn Manson, Claims ‘Alien Dancer’

Thousands of pages of documents filed in the blatant defamation case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were deleted over the weekend, including text messages between the actor and Marilyn Manson and his ex-wife’s “brief stint as an exotic dancer” by his team. There was a clear attempt to bring to the fore. in test.

The court documents, published online and verified by The Post, are out of a series of behind-the-scenes moves by attorneys for both sides to get some of the claims presented to a jury in Fairfax, Virginia.

A 965-page document filed on March 28 details Heard’s opposition to a series of motions made by Depp’s attorneys, in one to exclude her medical history from trial, and in others to the actress. were asked to submit potentially harmful information about

Lawyers for the “Aquaman” star said Depp sought to inappropriately bring “reality show videos of Amber Heard’s sister Whitney” and “Whitney and Amber’s past romantic relationships,” the filing said.

Depp also wanted to tell the jury about “Amber’s brief stint as an exotic dancer before meeting with Mr. Depp”, her lawyers wrote, as they also protested, “Mr. Depp in frivolous and malicious ways.” Tried to suggest or suggest that Ms. Hurd was once an escort.

The documents also appeared to have new text messages between Depp and rocker Manson, born Brian Warner, who has been accused of sexual abuse and grooming, including his former fiancé Evan Rachel Wood, whom he called. Defamation lawsuit in March,

Johnny Depp is seen leaving the Fairfax Courthouse in Virginia.
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In a 2016 text, Manson reportedly wrote, “I got an Ember 2.0” as well as “Lindsay threw an Ember at me… please remove”.

Depp replies, “I’ve been reading a lot of material on that and on sociopathic behavior… it’s real my brother!! My ex-si-t is goddamn textbook!!!” According to the document.

Manson then wrote in an apparent reference to an incident where the police were called to Depp and Heard’s shared Los Angeles apartment in 2016, “I got into a serious cop amber type scenario with L’s family. I fuck out loud.” I don’t know if you’re back, but I need shelter somewhere because I think the police can follow my path,” the filing said.

Heard’s lawyers alleged that Depp and Manson went on “drug binges” together, including the day before the actress’s arrival in Australia, and the two had an infamous fight over the tip of the actor’s right middle finger. ended up losing.

The Court Documents, Published Online And Verified By The Post, Are Out Of A Series Of Behind-The-Scenes Moves By Lawyers.
The court documents, published online and verified by The Post, are out of a series of behind-the-scenes moves by lawyers.
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The filing also includes a long run of allegations that Heard’s attorney, Ellen Breedhoft, claims she was unable to ask Depp’s former agent, Tracy Jacobs, which actor had “lied to the LAPD.”

Included in the list of “relevant and harmful information” included in the trial was “Mr. Depp appeared to be drunk and stoned on TV, even as Disney studio executives called Ms Jacobs to ask ‘what had gone wrong with your client,’ the document said. It is not clear what alleged presence the lawyer had mentioned in the filing.

Heard’s team also claimed that “these same issues occurred during the filming of Pirate 5 and that Disney told Ms. Jacobs that the conduct was ‘not tolerable,’ Disney ‘wasn’t going to go with it’ and that it That ‘no one was’ love between Johnny and Disney given the five situations of Pirates.'”

Depp’s relationship with Disney played a major role in the lawsuit, as his lawyers argued that Heard’s allegations of defamation cost him tens of millions in future “Pirates” revenue, while Heard’s team argued that Disney left the actor because of his behaviour.

Marilyn Manson (L) And Johnny Depp Attend As Marilyn Manson Performs At Sse Arena Wembley On December 9, 2017.
Marilyn Manson (L) and Johnny Depp at SSE Arena Wembley on December 9, 2017.
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The actor’s lawyers said Heard’s team was presenting misleading evidence, saying that Breedhoft “could have interrogated Ms. Jacobs for another three hours, but decided not to do so.”

The documents also show how Depp’s attorneys worked to exclude testimony about the actor’s arrest records and the ongoing trial for other matters, including the assault trial set in July.

His lawyer, who was successful in his argument, said “it would serve no purpose other than to set him out of prejudice before a jury” and that Heard would use “to present evidence that would consider Mr. Depp to be a violent person.” portrayed as.”

Amber Heard Was Awarded $2 Million By Depp'S Attorney For Her Claims Of Making False And Hurtful Remarks About Her.
Amber Heard was awarded $2 million by Depp’s attorney for her claims of making false and hurtful remarks about her.
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The jury awarded Depp $10.35 million for claims he was discredited by an op-ed article that accused Heard of domestic abuse. He was awarded a $2 million award by Depp’s attorney for his claims of making false and hurtful remarks about him.

In an interview with NBC News following the jury’s decision, Heard lamented the evidence taken out of the trial, which contained “a binder worth of notes from the beginning of my relationship to 2011, taken by my doctor.” which I was reporting. misused.”

“How could they have made the decision, how could they not have come to that conclusion,” Hurd said, citing the evidence from which the jury was spared.

Reps for Herd did not return a request for comment. Depp’s reps did not comment.

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