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Update your iPhone and iPad now.

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If you have an iPhone or iPad, make these suckers better now. Apple Just announced A newly discovered zero-day vulnerability that affects the company’s phones and tablets پسند the likes of hackers are seeing “active exploitation”.

The patch comes with the company’s latest updates to its phone and tablet lines, iOS 15.0.2 and iPad OS 15.0.2. Emergency security announced. Keep Monday out Weakness is said to affect the following devices: “iPhone 6s and later, iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPad mini 4 and Later, and the iPod Touch (7th generation). “

The bug is inside. Devices IOMobileFrameBuffer and the company have shared that if properly exploited, hackers can use it to execute arbitrary code with targeted privileges on the target devices. This could include injecting malware or stealing your data – not particularly fun stuff.

Apple says Zero Day was discovered by an “anonymous researcher” but has not provided full details about who is targeting it or how it was discovered. He has given it the title of CVE-2021-30883.

While it’s not entirely clear that this security flaw is seeing too much active exploitation, it’s also not clear that it isn’t – and you shouldn’t wait to find out. Failed to update. Your devices are the easiest, most unfortunate way to compromise your data and online security on a regular basis – so go, update and stay safe.

Apple has taken a storm this yearThe record notes. That today’s update represents the 17th zero day. This year, the patch was made only for Apple products. The last big patch came in September. When the company announced emergency security. update For a weakness Which was allegedly 1.65 billion devices have been at risk of being compromised by spyware for months.

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