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US experts say most people should not take baby aspirin to prevent a heart attack.

Aspirin tablets۔

Aspirin tablets
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One day a low dose of aspirin may not be as good for the aging heart as we had hoped. This week, an independent and influential group of experts announced that they intend to reduce their previous recommendation to take aspirin daily as a way to reduce the risk of heart problems in older people. Instead, they conclude that people over the age of 40 should not take aspirin daily. Without preventing heart disease The doctor’s recommendation, and he is actively recommending that people over the age of 60 do not take protective aspirin.

A low daily dose of aspirin (also called baby aspirin) has long been seen as a relatively safe way to reduce the risk. Heart attack, Stroke, and other heart diseases. The cardiovascular benefits of aspirin, which help to thin the blood, were thought to outweigh the modest risk of bleeding. But over the years, evidence has gathered that this equation cannot be so simple.

While aspirin seems. To Help those who have. Already experienced There is no clear net benefit for healthy people to stop their first installment, according to recent studies. In one study, bleeding also damaged aspirin. Appeared Shadow any benefits for people over 70. Citing this new research, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology issued Guidelines in 2019 that support the weakness of daily aspirin use. People in their 40s and 70s who had a higher risk of heart disease and a lower risk of bleeding. Basically, though, they. Discourage Use it without consulting a doctor, especially for people over 70 years of age.

New draft instructions. issued Tuesday came from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPTF), A panel of government-appointed but independent experts whose advice guides nationwide precautionary care practices. And they comply with recent orders from major heart health organizations.

In 2016, the USPTF recommended that people over the age of 50 have a higher risk of heart disease and colorectal cancer, but no increased risk of bleeding. Years). People in their 60s were told that they should make their own individual decisions about the use of aspirin, ideally in consultation with A. Dr.. But he avoided any recommendation, citing a lack of strong evidence for his 40s or 70s.

However, they are no longer recommending daily aspirin use for any age group, at least not uniformly. People in their 40s and 40s. According to the USPTF, 60 are worried about their heart risk and should decide to take aspirin based on the case. And people over the age of 60 should not be told to take it as a way to keep their heart healthy. People who are already taking aspirin daily, especially if they already have heart disease, should talk to their doctors before stopping.

China Wen Seng, a member of the National Task Force who is the research director, said: “There is no longer a clear statement that everyone who is at increased risk of heart disease, even though they have never had a heart attack. Must be on aspirin. ” Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Hawaii told New York Times. “We need to be careful with the basic prevention with those who will benefit the most and have the least risk of harm.”

In its review, the USPTF said recent trials and ongoing population study data have changed their minds. They determined that only a small net benefit from the preventative aspirin could be present for the higher.People at risk Age 40 to 60, while there is no benefit for people over 60. While the new instructions. mostly Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. According to the USPSTF, there is now “insufficient evidence” that daily aspirin use reduces the risk of developing or dying from colorectal cancer.

These new guidelines are technically just a draft proposal, so there may be some changes to the final language. The USPSTF will accept public comment on his proposal by early next month.

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