US Senator Tammy Duckworth sailed for a second term on Tuesday after her Republican challenger wrestled with the current and rising political star of the Democratic Party.

The Associated Press announced a race for US Senator Tammy Duckworth shortly after the polls closed on Tuesday, and in other state competitions, it appears that Illinois accountant Susana Mendoza is nearing victory, with treasurer Michael Frerichs announcing victory.

At 10pm and with 52% of the districts reporting, Mendoza led their opponent, Shannon Teresi, with 60% of the vote, according to unofficial results.

Meanwhile, Frerichs announced a victory over Republican Tom Demmer, who lost the race. According to unofficial results, Frerichs had 57% of the vote and 51% of reporting districts statewide.

Duckworth, a combat veteran who lost both legs in the Iraq war, won 57% of the vote, with 82% of the counties reporting around 10:00 PM. in camouflage shirts with the inscription “Tammy Strong”.

“This immigrant daughter who once had to earn money for her family by selling flowers on the side of the road returns to the Capitol Building next semester to continue fighting for those who have ever been trampled on,” said Duckworth.

In her observations, Duckworth att*cked the Republicans for saying she supported the National Rifle Association on the life of “a first-class killed en route to maths” and for their objection to the right to ab*rtion.

“To all those so-called leaders in Congress who are so afraid of progress that they try to divide us, try to sneak out or strip our reproductive rights and continue to support the shooting lobby – let me just say this: I hope you are ready to go.” fighting, ”Duckworth said, sparking applause in a room that featured political allies such as her fellow US Senator Dick Durbin and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Shortly after the surrender Tuesday evening, Salvi, a lawyer from Mundelein, wrote in a statement that Duckworth had won a “difficult victory”.

“While she and I differ on many points, we share the view that we need to strengthen our economy, ensure the security of our communities and restore order to our political system,” said Salvi. “I sincerely hope she will be a strong voice on behalf of all Illinois residents in the US Senate over the next six years, and I wish her all the best.”

In 2012, Duckworth of Hoffman Estates became the first disabled woman to be elected to Congress when she defeated then-Republican Joe Walsh, a Republican. Four years later, she won a victory over US Republican Senator Mark Kirk and has since become the first born senator, a household name in Illinois politics and a politician popular nationwide enough to be nominated by President Joe Biden as vice president.

Democrats expected the Duckworth seat to be easy to maintain, despite the fact that mid-year promises a red tide, including the possibility of one or both houses of the US Congress falling under Republican control. Duckworth maintained a clear fundraising advantage over Salvim during the parliamentary elections.

The First-Year Senator is vice president of the Democratic National Committee and has closely followed the Democratic Party’s national agenda by voting in favor of Biden’s wide-ranging inflation reduction bill and the US rescue plan.

Duckworth is a member of the United States Senate Armed Forces Committee and the Environment and Public Works Committee.

It passed an infrastructure bill that prevents governors from delaying projects in neighboring states, another that allows seasoned small business owners to acquire surplus equipment and federal property, and a bill requiring airports to provide rooms for nursing mothers and toilet changing tables.

One of its laws, which passed in 2021, provides funds to build clean water infrastructure and remove lead pipes across the country. The Environmental Protection Agency planned to allocate $ 288 million to Illinois in 2022 because of the law, according to Duckworth.

Much of the work of the Senate Duckworth has been focused on advocating for veterans and their families. Before running for Congress, Duckworth headed the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs in 2006 under the disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and became assistant secretary to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs after Barack Obama was elected president.

Salvi never held public office, but touted a conservative program that included increasing domestic energy production, cutting government spending, lowering taxes, and increasing border security. She stuck closely to the Republican 2022 handbook on the campaign path, att*cking Biden for “socialist leftist agenda” and Duckworth for being nothing more than a “rubber stamp”.

On the issue of ab*rtion, Salvi and Duckworth were perhaps the most different, with a contender opposing ab*rtion rights, and Duckworth has sworn that she would do “absolutely everything” in her power to secure federal ab*rtion rights if re-elected. Reproductive rights were a key principle of the Duckworth campaign this year after the Roe v Wade case, which restored the legalization of ab*rtion to states, was lifted.

Meanwhile, Mendoza’s campaign manager, Jack Londrigan, said that around 9:50 pm her opponent had yet to give up, but was convinced she had won a bid for a second term. She faced a well-funded Republican challenger in Teresi who was part of a slate backed by billionaire Ken Griffin in the primaries.

Mendoza, an unsuccessful candidate for Chicago mayor in 2019, credited herself with a modest rebound in the state’s finances in six years in office but refrained from announcing the victory in comments to fans just after 10pm

“People told me I was crazy when I decided to run for controller in 2016,” Mendoza said at the evening election party. “I promised I would make a transparent financial return for the state of Illinois. And I can proudly say, standing right in front of you, we did it.

Frerichs appears to have overcome a challenge in his campaign of re-election as Illinois State Treasurer from Republican Demmer, after highlighting a record that he said includes returning more unclaimed properties to residents, starting new investment programs, and making significant changes to Bright’s state austerity program Start. .

“As a treasurer, I am a taxpayer watchman. We will continue to help families send their children to college by fighting Wall Street and defending working families, and returning money to their rightful owners, “Frerichs wrote in a statement around 9:30 pm, after Demmer admitted.

Demmer, a state representative from Dixon, failed to stick to his att*cks on Frerichs’ fiscal prudence, including criticizing the 2020 officer’s remarks that voter approval of a graduated income tax in the voting elections that could open the door to state income tax in November pension.

“Almost a year ago, we started this campaign with a simple message: the people of Illinois deserve the fiscal overseer as treasurer. … While our campaign was unsuccessful today, our movement has only just begun, “Demmer said in a statement.

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