Valley Fair Mall in San Jose imposes parking fee, reports jump in sales

SAN JOSE – The Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose is preparing to launch a controlled parking program and also says that the iconic retail complex is enjoying a big jump in sales which is among the largest in pre-COVID is above.

The new parking program enables people to park free for the first two hours at the San Jose retail, restaurant and entertainment center. After that, they must pay a parking fee, up to a maximum of $10 a day.

Plus, those who attend movies at the showplace ICON Theater will be able to obtain verifications that allow four hours of free parking, according to mall officials.

Among the Drivers for New Parking Program: Valley Fair seeks to tackle people who are leaving vehicles at the center for an entire day or overnight.

Apple Store and Plaza at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. (Westfield Valley Fair / Renee Cassia)

The heightened concern about parking at Valley Fair comes in the wake of extensive and dramatic expansion, renovations and upgrades at the destination mall that brought several new stores to the center and allowed some existing retailers to expand operations into modern spaces.

“We just invested $1 billion in modernizing the shopping center,” said Sue Newsom, senior general manager of the Westfield Valley Fair. “It’s a way to enhance the shopping experience.”

Among the worst types of parking offenders: employees who leave their vehicles in mall garages all day while they do their jobs and air travelers needing a free place to park while they travel to nearby San Jose International Airport. away from the airport.

“This new controlled parking scheme is part of a wider focus on safety at Valley Fair,” Newsom said. “It is also designed to limit the parking inconveniences experienced by Valley Fair customers, as a substantial number of vehicles are left on site each day.”

The new parking program will take effect from February 8, about a month from now.

Parking garage at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose. (Google Maps)

“Hundreds of cars are being left in garages a day,” Newsom said.

People will be obliged to obtain a ticket upon entering one of the parking garages, such as a stand-alone garage or parking lot.

Here’s how the graduated increase in parking fees at Valley Fair would work, except for special verification for movie theater tickets:

— first two hours are free

— two to three hours $1 . Huh

– three to four hours, $2

— four to five hours $3

– five to six hours $4

— six to seven hours $5

— seven to eight hours $6

— eight to nine hours $7

— nine to 10 hours $8

— 10 to 11 hours $9

– 12 or more hours, maximum daily rate of $10.

Plaza, Dining and Shopping Area at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, Exterior. (Westfield Valley Fair / Renee Cassia)

“The big message is that the first two hours are free for all,” Newsom said. “Our surveys show that about 80% of our guests will not be affected by this new plan.”

The mall executives are at a point where they want to show the retail center to its best effect in view of modernization and improvement.

“We have had such positive feedback about all the enhancements we have made around the property,” Newsom said. “The retailers we have are food and entertainment experiences. We want to keep it safe and enjoyable for our guests.”

At the same time, Valley Fair is experiencing a boom in retail sales and restaurant visits that have risen above the pre-COVID number of malls.

“I’m very excited to say that we have record sales at this point compared to 2019,” Newsom said. “Valley Fair flourished throughout 2021 and especially during the holiday season.”

The rise of the COVID-era appears to have broader permanence for retailers and restaurants alike.

“The foot traffic is back and retailers are seeing an improvement in actual sales,” Newsom said.

Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center in San Jose, showing the mall’s plaza and grand entrance. (Westfield Valley Fair / Renee Cassia)