Vehicle seized from driver without UK license

West Murcia Police’s Operations Patrol Unit confiscated a vehicle on Thursday night (25 November) after its owner – an Iranian man – was found driving without a UK driver’s license or completing a UK driving test .

The officers had initially contacted the man as he was playing loud music before searching for them.

The driver held an Iranian driving licence, but failed to exchange it for a UK licence, despite living in the UK for five years.

Earlier in the evening, the attention of the authorities was drawn towards the St. Martin’s Gate car park where three vehicles were being used in an anti-social manner.

One windscreen was found to be so damaged that it posed a safety hazard and its driver’s view was restricted. The vehicle was later banned due to its condition.

Also on Thursday the unit conducted taxi licensing and vehicle checks in Worcester. Of the 15 vehicles checked, one was banned and one taxi license was suspended.

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