Representative Lauren Boebert was condemned by her Democrat rival Adam Frisch for repeatedly voting against extending veterans’ rights.

Boebert, running for re-election in Colorado in November, wrote on Saturday about her commitment to the rights of veterans and those she called “America’s heroes.”

“I voted in favor of the four pro-veterans laws that were signed and led to several amendments to provide funding for mental health and other vital services for our veterans,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Colorado representative voted in favor of the Veterans’ Cost of Living Equalization Act of 2021, the VA Transparency and Trust Act of 2021, the John M. McHugh Tuition Fairness Act for Survivors, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ Retiring Act of 2021.

But just hours after Boebert’s post, Frisch took the floor on the same platform to denounce the number of bills extending the protection and rights of veterans that the Republican representative had voted against.

In a Twitter thread, Frisch mentioned all 15 times Boebert, whom he accuses of lying in his claims to support veterans, actually voted against the veterans.

“Lauren Boebert voted AGAINST PACT, which gives veterinarians at risk of burns access to VA healthcare,” wrote Frisch. Boebert voted against the bipartisan bill – Honoring Our PACT Act – extending health care and benefits for veterans exposed to toxins.

Despite Boebert’s objection, the House overwhelmingly approved the bill, which was later closed by most Republican senators before being turned 180 degrees.

US Representative Lauren Boebert. In this photo, Boebert is waiting for a speech at a press conference with members of the House’s Liberty Club on Capitol Hill on September 15, 2022. In Washington, DC
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Boebert also voted against HR 6052 of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General Training Act requiring all Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees to “undergo training developed by the VA General Inspector in reporting misconduct, responding to requests and cooperating with the Office. Inspector General. “

It voted against the law improving access for veterans to their own data – HR 7337 – the law increasing the availability of educational assistance to veterans in the case of programs or school closings – S. 4089 – and the law ensuring the automatic enrollment of veterans in VA – HR4673.

The Colorado representative also voted against the Equal Access to Contraception Act for Veterans Act, which aimed to prohibit VA “from requiring a veteran to pay for any contraceptive that must be covered by health insurance plans without splitting the cost of the requirement.” The bill passed through the House without Boebert’s support. .

On other occasions, Boebert voted against extending the entitlement of VA veterans to receive an on-the-job study allowance – Law on Modernization of Work Veterans Studies for Students – against the law updating the VA system to finance veteran education – HR 7375 – and in opposition to the law introducing a Care Coordination Program maternity leave in VA – Act S. 796 Protecting Moms Who Served Act.

Boebert also voted against the bill to improve the interviewing process of people involved in military s*xual trauma – Law HR 6961 Dignity for MST Survivors – against extending the eligibility of GI accounts, against assignments to federal agencies including VA, against a law promoting the recruitment of veterans for internships, against extending psychiatric care for veterans and against strengthening the VA Inspector General’s ability to provide fair legal defense for veterans.

Lauren Boebert is not a friend of veterans. I will protect their interests once in Washington, ā€¯Frisch concluded.

Newsweek contacted Boebert’s team for comment.

Frish, who campaigns to replace Boebert in the November semesters, described the current Colorado State Representative as a “national shame” who “does not represent Colorado’s values” using the nickname “Boebert the Traitor.”

The FiveThirtyEight poll site estimates that Boebert has a 98 out of 100 chance of winning over Frisch in the November semesters.

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