Video of Jason Walker shooting by off-duty cop to be released next week: Police Chief

A North Carolina police chief requested the release of recorded body camera footage after an off-duty police officer shot Jason Walker over the weekend. A judge granted the request on Thursday, and the video is expected to be released sometime next week.

Fayetteville, North Carolina, Police Chief Gina Hawkins filed a petition Tuesday to release the footage to the public. The Associated Press reported that Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons agreed to the request, saying he was granting the release “in the interest of justice.”

Walker, 37, was shot and killed on Saturday near his home by an off-duty police officer from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. Hawkins said he did not know how many times or where Walker was shot Charlotte Observer,

Fayetteville Police said a preliminary investigation found that Walker “run into traffic and jumped onto a moving vehicle.” Deputy Lieutenant Jeffrey Hash shot Walker around 2:15 p.m. and proceeded to call 911. Walker was pronounced dead at the scene, News & Observers Reported.

Charlotte Observer Reported that at least two persons who said they were at the scene on Saturday did not agree with the findings of the police report.

On social media, those two individuals shared a different version of how the events unfolded. He claimed that Hash hit Walker as he was walking down the street and then proceeded to shoot him. He posted a video of the scene online after the incident.

That video shows a man believed to be Hash, who is standing near a red truck talking on the phone while Walker lies on the ground towards the rear of the truck.

After about a minute in the video, the police officers come and the driver tells them, “I was coming down here. He ran into the street so I stopped. He jumped on my car, and started screaming,” Charlotte Observer Reported.

During a recently released 911 call recording, Hash told the dispatcher that he shot a man who jumped on his vehicle, breaking the windshield, as his wife and daughter were inside the vehicle. News & Observers,

During a news conference on Sunday, Hawkins said investigators found “a windshield wiper was torn, and a metal part was used to break the windshield of the truck in several places.” He said that he was aware of the video on social media and had seen it, Charlotte Observer added.

Investigators looked at the vehicle’s black box computer, which contains information about how fast the car was traveling and its braking effects.

“That computer did not record any impact with any person or thing,” Hawkins was quoted as saying. Charlotte Observer, “At present we do not have any witnesses who claim that anyone was hit by this truck.”

Cumberland County District Attorneys Billy West and Hawkins said Sunday that their offices would not hand over an investigation into Walker’s death. It was announced that the State Bureau of Investigation would handle the case, Fayetteville Observer Reported.

The sheriff’s office said Hash has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. News & Observers Reported.

A judge has granted a request by the North Carolina police chief to release recorded body camera video following the fatal shooting of Jason Walker last Saturday by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy. Above, Pandora Harrington, right, cries as she holds a sign with an image of Jason Walker during a demonstration in front of the Fayetteville Police Department on January 9 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Andrew Kraft/The Fayetteville Observer/AP Photo