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Virginia GOP candidate backs out of Trump’s big lie – but wants election “audit”

Virginia GOP Gov. Glenn Yingkin focuses on “electoral integrity” in the last weeks of his campaign To justify Strict voting restrictions

Yingkin is a former CEO of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group and has put millions into his campaign, and has tried hard throughout the race. Excellent line walking It needs to quickly win the blue state to gain support among right-wing Republican bases without alienating more moderate independents and suburban voters. Yingluck has received “full and complete endorsement” of former President Trump in the race. Tried to remove myself. After the former president and his politics when Trump defeated the state by 10 points.

The millionaire has admitted that President Joe defeated Trump “legally”, but only after that. Month to end the question Early political newcomers during the Republican primary. Tried to go away With his focus on “electoral integrity” after his primary victory, but with his race against former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe Dead heat At home, Yingluck is now renewing his calls for voting machine audits and poll viewers, a clear indication of electoral conspiracy theories.

“I think we need to make sure that people trust these voting machines. Said in a speech in Richmond on Monday.. “So let’s just audit the voting machines, publish it so everyone can see it.”

Trump’s PAC soon. An email was blown up Yingluck himself has told his supporters, urging Yingluck’s call for Democrats to “cheat” in the Virginia election amid fears of the former president. He went out of his way to refuse..

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, the state’s most prominent election conspirator who has been pushing for the rejection of the presidential results, has called for an audit of Yingluck’s voting machine, saying Virginia lawmakers Did not participate in the “audit of all 50 states”. ”

“Thanks to Governor candidate Glenn Yingkin for calling for an audit of the machine.” He tweeted.

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Yingkin’s call came a few weeks later. Acknowledged In his first argument against McAuliffe, “there was no significant fraud in the Virginia election.” Yingluck has been an ally, such as Republican Sen. Amanda Chase. Emphasis on “forensic audit” Like the infamous Arizona Marikopa County audit of the Virginia election, Biden received slightly more votes than initially recorded.

Yingkin has. Accused McAuliffe To try to make “one word, electoral integrity, some bad word”.

“As Glenn Yingkin. Said in February, He believes that audit is a best practice when it comes to election management – just as audit is a routine practice in the business world – and he will make sure that Virginia does audit going forward. And let them be complete, efficient and accurate, “Yingluck spokesman Matt Wilking told the salon in a statement. Glenn is clear about his vision for the 2020 election and nothing has changed. Terry McAuliffe, of course, opposes the requirement of a photo ID to vote, but if he does not support routine audits, he should regularly update voter lists, verify mail-in ballots, and provide in-person expertise. Recognized by other selective best practices, it should be clear with Virgins where he stands. ”

Virginia law already Need Annual audit of voting machines and self-proclamation. Procedure approved For this process during his previous term as governor, and says he still supports them. State routine audit of 2020 elections. Confirmed the results. Were correct.

Yingluck has also called for other measures backed by Trump allies. He attended one. Electoral Integrity Rally In August, there were calls for tougher voter identification laws and poll observers, which voting rights groups said was a ploy. Oppressor And Scary Color voters

And Yingluck has increasingly embraced conspiratorial ideologues. Chase, Appeared with him at several rallies last week.

Chase Said at the October 4 rally..

Chase, who was one of the candidates to defeat Yangkin in the primary, has since become one. Surrogate for your campaign.. she has Traveled to Arizona. To review the audit conducted by the state’s GOP and reject the annual audit results of the Virginia Board of Elections.

“It’s important that we audit Virginia,” Chase said. It is important that we have a forensic audit, not an incorrect audit by the State Board of Elections. Rally in August.

Chase, who defamed himself. “Trump in Heels,” He also defended the January 6 capital riots, calling them “patriots.” Condemnation by the State Senate. They Previously suggested After last November’s election, Trump should declare martial law and “go and take over.” [voting] Machines and voting equipment to detect voter fraud. ”

Last Monday’s rally with Yangkin and Chase included Warren Williams, who said. “There was an explosion” Williams with the Republican candidate. Serve on Trump’s legal team. Which challenged the election results in Wisconsin, where the campaign ultimately paid only for a recount. Addition of votes Williams has Biden’s lead. The claim continued That Biden’s victory was illegal, although he did not present any evidence of widespread fraud. Williams won the Republican primary for the Virginia House of Delegates seat earlier this year, defeating current 14-year-old Charles Poindextar earlier this year. By saying this The sitting Republicans were doing nothing to fight the election results.

Asked about Yangkin’s involvement with election conspirators, the Yingkin campaign cited McAlphy’s relationship with Hillary Clinton, who has repeatedly accused Trump. “Illegal President” And Stacey Abrams, the former governor of Georgia, who refused to concede her 2018 defeat to Gov. 2018 Brian Camp.

McAuliff, meanwhile, has already been rolled out. New ads Linking Yingkin’s demand for an audit to Trump’s election lie.

“Glenn Yingkin is calling for an audit of Virginia’s voting machines because he based his entire campaign on his ‘Electoral Integrity Task Force,'” said Manuel Bonder, a spokesman for the Virginia Democratic Party. Yingluck thinks this is the “most important issue” because his first priority is to bring Donald Trump’s agenda to Virginia.

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