Waiting for the answer of the family in the case of death of a person due to being hit by a red line train


“He was loved by everyone, and many will mourn his death for a long time.”

A Red Line train arrives at South Station in Greeley Tribune, MA on August 11, 2021.

A 39-year-old man died on Sunday after being dragged off a Red Line train when his hand got stuck in the door, with his family demanding answers.

The Linn Family
Robinson Lalin, 39, was killed after slamming into the door of a Red Line train at Broadway MBTA station on Sunday, April 10, 2022. – handout

They are also describing the horrific way Robinson died as a result of the Lalin incident, which took place on a Sunday at around 12:30 at Broadway Tea Station.

“He was dragged to the end of the stage, where his arm was severed and his body hit the wall,” Robinson’s nephew Calvin Lalin said in an interview. wcvb,

He said that as a result the family could not be cremated in the open, the station reported.

The incident and Lallin’s death are being investigated by the Transit Police and the National Transportation Safety Board. The person operating the train at that time has been removed from service during the investigation.

The MBTA has not disclosed many details regarding the circumstances surrounding Robinson Lalin’s death, including whether the train malfunctioned or whether the train operator was at fault.

The transit agency also did not say whether Lalin was getting on or off the train at the time.

Asked if there was an update on the investigation on Tuesday, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo directed the NTSB to conduct media inquiries about the incident.

In an email, a spokesman for the federal agency said investigators are at the scene and expect to complete the on-the-ground portion of the investigation in the next few days. They are looking at equipment and conducting interviews and will prepare a preliminary report.

There is no date on when the report will be released, according to the spokesperson.

Robinson Lalin often rode the tee, Calvin told Greeley Tribune globe,

According to the newspaper, the train in which he got stuck in 1969 or 1970 turned out to be about 52 or 53 years old.

“It breaks my heart,” Lalin’s aunt Neni Norales told WCVB. “It broke my heart, especially how he died. It’s awful.”

  • The person who died after being trapped in the door of the Red Line train was identified

  • Transit officials demand complete replacement of Red Line trains

According to the WCVB, the edges of the train door must be sensitive and open if there is anything in the way. If they don’t know anything, the doors are closed.

Operators must also proceed only after the doors are closed globe,

“If the door never opened and a man’s hand got stuck in the door, there are definitely technical problems or mechanical problems with the train, for which the MBTA is responsible,” Calvin Lalin told WCVB. “A man’s life was tragically lost.”

Josh Ostroff, interim director of transportation for Massachusetts, said in a statement that he expects the MBTA’s board to address the incident at its April 28 meeting.

“Our hearts go out to Robinson Lalin’s family and friends,” he said. “This is a senseless, preventable tragedy that has taken a life and affected many. It is important now that the MBTA investigates and reports the causes of this incident, and to understand that the MBTA’s 2019 There should be a full public audit to understand how this happened in the light of the Security Review Panel reports and recommendations.

A gofundme Established to help pay for Lalin’s funeral expenses. So far, it has raised $1,480 with a stated goal of $30,000.

“Robinson was a wonderful person who always had a big smile, a warm heart and loved to help everyone around his community,” the page reads. “He will be greatly missed. He was loved by everyone, and many will mourn his death for a long time.”

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