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Walgreens says it has closed five more San Francisco stores for massive, brazen shopping.

Walgreens said Tuesday he would close five more stores in San Francisco next month as organized retail theft dealt another blow to a city that has gained an embarrassing reputation for picking up large-scale and daring shops. ۔

The shops will close next month, according to SFGATE. He said Walgreens has closed at least 10 stores in the city since early 2019.

“Retail burglary at our San Francisco stores has increased fivefold from our average in China over the past few months,” said Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso.

San Francisco Supervisor Ehsa Safai said he was devastated by the loss of a Mission Street store that has been “an important place for seniors, families and children for decades.”

“It’s a sad day for San Francisco,” Clean told SFGATE. “We can’t allow these anchor companies to shut down because so many people depend.”

Last year, Walgreens closed a store where Zanjeer said she was losing ہزار 1,000 a day to thefts.

Pictures of widespread frustration and fear of theft have been captured on video. This summer, shoplifters in masks carried designer handbags from the city’s Neiman Marks department store and into rescue cars.

In June, a masked man was caught on video in Walgreens, loading trash into a trash can before leaving the store on a bicycle. One suspect was arrested in the theft.

Last month, Mayor London Brad and Police Chief Bill Scott. Announced That they will dedicate more to the police, increase coordination and make it easier to report shoplifters.

The strategy is aimed at combating theft, which has tarnished the Liberal city’s reputation as a soft spot for crime.

“We care about criminal justice reform. We care about other opportunities. We make sure people don’t make false accusations,” the generation announced new measures. “But don’t consider our kindness for weakness, our sympathy for weakness.”

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