SAN FRANCISCO – When Andre Iguodala returned to the Warriors with a one-year contract ahead of the 2021-22 campaign, there was a perception that the season would be his last.

Still, the Warriors had been hoping all summer that 38-year-old Iguodala would return to the final run, especially after she took on the sweet taste of another NBA Finals victory. No one knew for sure what he was going to do until Friday, when the Golden State Elder statesman in his Point Forward podcast that he would be back.

The news brought the team a sense of freedom and excitement.

“It’s really good to have him,” Jordan Poole said on Warriors Media Day on Sunday. He is “extremely knowledgeable. He is happy to help us, teach us and pass on all the information and knowledge he has acquired over the years. It has been extremely beneficial for our team, and the possibility of getting it back is truly unique. ”

Iguodala, who left the first two days of camp due to a pre-planned engagement, is one of the most trusted voices in the organization. He has an ear not only from the front office and coaching staff, but is also a confidant to players such as Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. And he is not afraid to hold players accountable, regardless of their status in the team.

Curry and Green played a key role in persuading Iguodala to return. But Jonathan Kuminga said he also begged his neighbor in the locker room to come back.

“I tried to call him, write to him,” said Kuminga, who said that Iguodala would not shake his hand this summer about what he can do. “I was trying to make him leave: ‘We need you back, come back.’ ‘

Iguodala’s response to Kuminga’s requests?

“He said, ‘I have things I need to do,’ recalls Kuminga.

Kuminga is one of the young players who can benefit most from Iguodala’s return. Iguodala has 18 NBA seasons worth imparting wisdom to young people and can help them navigate their lives on and off the basketball court.

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