Was Joe Biden Deepfake Used in the Video Attacking Donald Trump?

As President Joe Biden’s falling approval rating lowers his chances of a second term, even some of his supporters are questioning his ability to lead.

The president’s age is an area of ​​concern—he turns 80 in November—and his opponents are on the lookout for signs of cognitive decline.

A recent positive COVID-19 result, followed by a “Rebound” transition A few days later, attention was drawn, although symptoms appear to be mild enough for Biden to continue working.

However, some critics of Biden spread rumors that a recent video address, in which the president spoke directly to rioters and Donald Trump on January 6, was fake or manipulated to cover up his true state of health.

US President Joe Biden coughs as he comments on the Inflation Reduction Act 2022 in the State Dining Room of the White House on July 28, 2022 in Washington, DC. The president’s social media posts, posted after a January 6 speech condemning Donald Trump’s actions, were shared as evidence of claims that footage of Biden was “deepfake.”
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Several tweets posted in July 2022 claimed that a video of Biden was digitally manipulated by computer graphics or deepfake technology.

Some of the posts focused on how many times he appeared to blink during the film.


The use of deepfake technology, which uses artificial intelligence machine learning to create photorealistic representations of real people, is deeply mistrusted in politics, with fears that it could be used to mislead voters and popularize lies. Is.

In June 2022, several European mayors were convinced they were holding videos. Met with the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaly Klitschko.

The following Bloomberg film shows how deepfakes can be used to impersonate politicians.

However, there is no evidence that this recent video of Biden was manipulated in this way, and there was much to suggest the opposite.

Firstly, the full video is available online for inspection via YouTube.

During his speech at the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (Noble) conference on July 25, 2022, the president said that Donald Trump “lacked the courage” to intervene effectively during the January 6 riots .

Biden said: “You can’t be pro-insurgency and pro-police. You can’t be pro-insurgency and pro-democracy. You can’t be pro-insurgency and pro-American.”

It was part of a speech shared on social media, often as part of wild conspiracy theories. As noted, many commented on how little the president appeared to blink.

Though he doesn’t blink (or isn’t visible), it proves little or nothing about the making of the video.

Chances are the speech was being read from a teleprompter (watching the video, you can see the president’s eyes shifting from left to right and not to mention the papers he prepared), which means Biden has to Eyes had to be kept focused on the writing as he spoke aloud for emphasis.

Furthermore, studies have shown that while humans typically blink 15–20 seconds per minute, can be quite short while reading, it could fall further while looking at the computer.

newsweek asked the White House to confirm whether the president was reading from a teleprompter.

Whether or not Biden blinked, in itself, would not prove that the footage was also deepfake. Very poorly explained deepfakes involve blinking.

There was also much speculation on social media about how different Biden looks in comparison to another video published at the same time, with many of the posts seeing screengrabs of each one as alleged evidence.

A short film about gas prices was posted on POTUS Twitter on July 26, 2022, the same day Noble Video went online.

This was highlighted by critics, who believed that Biden’s appearance had been manipulated in some way in the midst of filming, further considering the president’s contribution to the footage was a deepfake.

The change, however, appears to be a combination of the shifting of Biden’s facial expressions to the rebellion section (compared to the rest of his address) and the use of different types of lighting.

After the cut at around the 8:26 mark, the frame zooms in as the president approaches the final part of the speech.

Biden, in an effort to show his strength of feeling about the rebellion, speaks with a more dramatic and forceful tone, and his facial expressions change accordingly (eyes widen, the quirks seen earlier in the footage play out). – and both changes have been made more prominent by the camera zoom).

Screenshot From Joe Biden Video Address
Claims of CGI or body double use have been fueled by the opening and closing portions of the Joe Biden video, showing that the president’s facial expression changes dramatically as he approaches the “rebellious” portion of his speech.

In fact, the familiar squint can be seen again in the final frame of the video, as the president makes his closing remarks.

In addition to this confusing use of video segments showing different facial expressions, the footage of the speech on gas prices is also darker or lit differently than in the film Noble.

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on facial appearance. The video below, by filmmaker Nacho Guzmán, shows the instant effect that can change the direction, intensity, and color of light.

In addition, the tweets sent include some videos that have been deliberately edited, illuminating and darkening the footage of the Noble conference. This makes the credibility of these sets of claims even more questionable.

News and social media intelligence agency Storyful confirmed of newsweek The assumption here is that while some videos posted on social media showed no signs of manipulation, others (notably, the film directly above) were edited out.

“The video is repeatedly combined with a shallow mock-up of Biden, applied on top of the video of the real Biden, then showing the real Biden’s comments at the Noble conference, and so on,” Storyful said. Greeley Tribune.

“The audio in this video matches Biden’s official remarks. However, when Biden says, ‘Donald Trump lacks the courage to act,’ before he says, ‘You’re not pro-insurgency and pro-police’ Can.'”

As well as the obvious signs of manipulation with the original Noble Conference footage, it is also enforceable Occam’s razor Here: Why the White House would hire a deepfake developer, a CGI video artist, a confident voice impressionist and/or a body double to deliver some brief speeches on the political matters of the day, when no other White House official could give the same . Comments?

As some on social media have argued, was the Biden administration doing an elaborate cover-up of the president’s health and fitness using high-tech computer software?

Or is it more likely that Biden’s candid comments about the January 6 protest in the original footage forced his opponents to focus on the attacks, responding to a spurious set of arguments about deepfakes and body doubles ?

We’ll let you decide on that last point, but on the balance of all other evidence, we’re confident that deep counterfeiting or similar technology was not used to create an artificial version of Joe Biden.

newsweek The White House has been contacted for additional comment.


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Some Twitter users suggested that the number of times Joe Biden blinked during his Noble conference remarks (and a marked difference in his appearance compared to another video shot that day) was a dark fake used by the White House. proof of. We can find no (even vaguely) solid proof of this. Humans can blink very little when focusing (such as during speech) and even unrelated deepfakes can be programmed to blink. Differences in their appearance between films shot on the same day are more likely to result from software manipulation than changes in lighting or filming conditions and facial expressions.

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