Water, Sewer Service Costs Dramatically Raised for Aqua Customers in Philadelphia Suburbs – Greeley Tribune

Springfield, Pa. (CBS) – The cost of water and sewer service is rising dramatically in one part of the region. That’s on top of the inflation pressure we’re all feeling on the kitchen table and at the gas pump.

Looks like new rates were hiked recently for Aqua Water customers, leaving some people stunned.

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Suddenly that flush or running faucet costs more in the Philadelphia suburbs. Some customers have reported shocks when opening their Aqua bills over the past few weeks.

“It’s only my wife and I. Usually about $35, $40. I think the last one I saw was $55,” said Springfield resident Bob Clancy.

The Pennsylvania Utilities Commission approved a rate hike in May. The utility serves about half a million customers.

It estimated that the average cost of a family would increase by 12%. Wastewater service would increase by 59%, for a small fraction.

Angela Urso said, “Both of my neighbors have doubled and people are saying on Facebook that it has increased a lot.”

Urso did a double-take in his July bill. Admitting his water use appeared unusually high, he never expected his bill to rise so much.

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“So when I opened that bill, I originally thought maybe they didn’t get my last month’s payment or something, because our water bill averages about $100,” Urso said.

His bill was $216. Other bills reviewed by Eyewitness News show a 50% and 60% increase for some customers since May.

Responding to requests for comment, an Aqua spokesperson said those rate increases would offset more than a billion dollars in upgrades to delivery and treatment systems.

Springfield’s Sally Hale said while her water use is on the rise at this time of year, her bill has remained flat.

“It can be compared to summer because I water my plants a lot,” Hale said.

Urso is furious but wonders what if she can do anything.

“I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. I can’t pay my water bill, we can’t have water,” Urso said.

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An Aqua spokesperson says that if a customer wishes to request a review of their bill, they can call customer service representatives at 877-987-2782.

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