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Ways and Headspace introduces mindful driving playlists.

Picture of a man holding a phone with the Waze logo.

Ways and headspaces want you to keep driving in mind.
Image: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Driving can be stressful. As more people come back. In the gutter, Popular navigation app. Weiss is working closely with the Meditation app. Headspace to help calm hell when you’re on the road.. Or at least that’s the goal.

new Headspace experience on the way. It was designed to help drivers learn how to find more joy and meaning on the road. It includes a new theme with customizable navigation prompts, a mind teacher and a choice of five modes: aware, bright, hopeful, cheerful and open. And if you can’t afford to see your car as a car icon on the app, you can change it to a hot air balloon. Maybe it’s more relaxing.

The idea of ​​”mindful driving” is not a new concept. It’s like eating and exercising. Careful driving can help you stay focused and avoid being hit by radio. It can also help you become more aware of other driving elements, such as the distance between cars and whether the person on your right looks like a lane builder.

If you want a preview of what driving will look like, Waze and Headspace Spotify playlist. That you can tune in to get a feel for the program. I changed quickly, and it looks like it’s basically a moving track with a twist in the middle of the guided meditation of the headspace. If you like what you hear, you can turn on the headspace on Vaz from your smartphone until November. 1 By tapping the banner in the “My Ways” menu.

A photo of Waze.۔

Waze will prompt you to “activate the experience” in the mobile app when it becomes available.
Image: ویز۔

I am a California driver, which means I often need a minute before I return home from my trip before I can be neutral with life.. I’ve tried playing Lo-Fi and Chill Hop playlists to get rid of my street rage. But either I get too much sleep for driving or I have to completely turn this genre into something more exciting to help me reach the same level as other wild drivers on the road.

T.He believes that driving can be just as effective as keeping a yoga session in mind. Daily commute through rush hour traffic. It’s already a slogan that you have to move every day to physically get to work. Add Bumper to bumper traffic, that is. Amazingly slow, stick you want to hear. To spend time in podcasts or hyped-up music

This cooperation. Helping HeadSpace expand its offerings seems to be a way for Ways to establish itself as an all-in-one driving solution. But As a person who traveled daily through the San Francisco Bay Area, ranked seventh.For the nation Worst traffic, I can say There is no happiness or peace About being on the road for hours at a time. I’m not sure even headspace can help me.

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