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We have demons at NYCC 2021 on Scott Snyder, Greg Capello.

The cover crop of ComiXology's We Have Demons # 1 by Greg Capulo shows three roaring monsters.

Image: Greg Capullo / ComiXology

I Scott Snyder. And Greg Capello. We have devils, A young woman named Lam finds out that her father is not what she thought she was: a member of a demon-hunting organization instead of a pastor, and now it’s time to follow in her footsteps. Let’s go For fans of the couple’s work, including incredibly successful. Batman Run during the new 52 rounds, just enough reason to follow this concept. Pair of comics, Where those books will come under Snyder’s best jacket imprint.

In the book panel for the New York Comic Con 2021, Snyder used the time to talk about his big plans for the Comicology Deal. More importantly, he has creative freedom for all his books – like Neon Thriller. Clear With Francis Manapol or Barn Storemers. Tola Lotte – The author wants to work together on physical and digital comedy. “Digital and print have been held in these competitive venues for a very long time,” he said. “[How] Many of us use entertainment these days if you browse it on streaming, and you get it if you want to collect it.

The first three of the booksSatan, clean., And Bath night It will be released by Francisco Francoella as a regular comic book. Once their three-run runs are over, another wave of new titles will take their place. Six months later, their physical release will take over Dark Horse, but the exact format of the release will depend on each book. “It’s a new way to love comics again. You browse for something you like and go to your store, talk to retailers about putting it on your shelf. Like a book. Demons He thinks he can handle the release in a single issue, but that’s just the way it is. Clear Or Barn Storemers. Due to its structure can only be released as a complete set. Citing the popularity of online platforms such as WebTone and Shonon Jump, which then translate into physical sales, he admitted to wanting a piece of the pie.

Snyder’s plans seem ambitious, but he believes he and his teammates can accomplish them. “There are a lot of these experiences, and I think they are the best books I’ve ever had,” he said. “You’ll know that’s what we like to do, and we’re making it better and bigger to get you in here.”

We have the devil # 1. Now available on ComiXology. Clear # 1. Will be released this weekend on October 12, and. Bath night On October 19

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