We know a secret, and no one will tell his wife

Dear Amy: My friend “Jane” texted our group of girlfriends with info regarding another girlfriend, “Maggie”.

amy dickinson

Jen told us all that she was using a social media dating app out of town for business and that Maggie’s husband “Jade” (also out of town for business) was “swiping right” on Jen. The screenshots she shared with us showed that she had set up her profile to appear single.

Jane asked for advice on what to do with it. We suspected for a long time that Jade was no good, but we also acknowledge that the couple may have had an open relationship. Either way, we liked it best that Maggie had the information.

Jane and I don’t know Maggie well, but another woman in the group, “Susan,” does.

Susan carefully and deftly agrees to pass the information to Maggie. Unfortunately, it’s been months, and we just learned that Susan never told Maggie because it made her uncomfortable.

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