Weather in Buffalo plays in favor of ‘Patriots’ against Bills

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“I think it might sound a lot more like the first game than the second.”

A snowstorm lights up stadium lights before the Patriots’ last game against the Bills on December 6, 2021 in Buffalo. AP Photo/Joshua Bessex

The Bruins beat the Canadiens 5-1 on Wednesday night. Brad Marchand took a hat-trick in the win for Greeley Tribune.

And the Celtics also won on Wednesday, beating the Pacers 119-100. Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined for 67 points.

The Patriots continue preparations for an AFC wild-card matchup with the Bills in Buffalo on Saturday night at 8:15 p.m.

The Role of Weather in the Patriots’ Playoff Game: As the Patriots’ third clash of the season with the Bills in Saturday’s playoff game, a familiar subplot is taking shape.

In particular, the effect of weather conditions in Buffalo (where the game will be played) may play a role in the outcome. According to current forecastthe temperature will be in single digits, with the possibility of a wind chill factor of less than zero.

In the two teams’ previous clash at Buffalo (since early December), gale-force winds and snowfall heavily affected the game, spurring the Patriots’ run-heavy game plan into a 14–10 upset win over the Bills. helped to happen.

How will the severe cold on Saturday affect things?

ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick called “Get Up!” But explained, “This is one of those games where weather like this really leveled the playing field.” Section Thursday morning. “From a defensive standpoint, it’s always harder on the offense than when the surface turns into something unexpected because the offense knows where they’re going, you don’t know where they’re going.”

Given the specific teams involved in the case, Riddick narrowed it down to how the Bills steer the ball and defend the run.

“The key for me is this: How does Josh Allen throw the football in this game, the way he plays the football in this game. How does Buffalo throw the ball in this game?” Riddick asked. “And how does Buffalo defend runs in this game?”

In his view, potentially extreme conditions once again favor Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

“It plays exactly what New England would ideally like to play,” Riddick said. “They want to play [the game] In a phone booth. They want to make it mano to mano, and the weather may allow you to do so if it really gets you through the game.

“I think it might sound a lot more like the first game than the second,” Riddick said.

Common SenseWho was the Patriots’ opponent in the coldest game of the Bill Belichick era?

(answer below).

Hint: This happened during the race for the team that won XXXVIII.

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