PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Five years ago this week, the Eagles were getting ready to play for Eli Manning’s New York Giants after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. That week three game ended in a dramatic way thanks to Jake Elliot’s 61-yard winning goal.

The game also triggered a nine-game winning streak, which helped them take first place in the NFC when they won the first Super Bowl in the series’ history.

There are only eight players on the current Eagles squad from that 2017 squad.

But do not worry. Over the next few weeks, fans of Eagles will see familiar faces.

The third week of the 2022 season kicks off with an episode of matches where the Eagles will face the former coach and players who played a key role in their 2017 Super Bowl performance.

For the first time since it was given away in 2021The Eagles will play former quarterback Carson Wentz, who is now with the Washington Commanders. Philadelphia gave North Dakota State Product the largest franchise contract in history after listing it in 2nd place on the 2016 NFL Draft Overall.

Wentz has commanders 1-1 after losing to the Detroit Lions in the second week. On paper, Wentz’s numbers aren’t bad: 650 passes, seven touchdowns, and three acquisitions at 65.5 percent completion.

But as we found out during his stay in Philadelphia – and last season in Indianapolis – he is still likely to make a few mistakes during the game, which negatively affects his team’s chances of winning, especially when under pressure.

After the 2017 season, many felt that the Eagles had finally found their way to quarterback with Wentz, who came third in the MVP vote this year. But he continued to get injured from injury and was simply never able to achieve the same form during the Super Bowl run.

Wentz was placed on the bench in the 2020 season for Jalen Hurts after playing like the worst quarterback in the NFL. Later that same year, Wentz asked to trade and landed with the Colts

But that relationship was short-lived after the squad left the playoffs, which led Wentz to be traded to Washington earlier this year.

Wentz told reporters this week that you’re trying not to make the duel with the Eagles “bigger than it should be.”

But that remains to be seen. Eagles fans are known to travel well, especially to FedEx Field. It’s probably a safe bet that a lot of fans will fill their stadium seats to see Wentz’s first match against his former team.

In week 4 Eagles will welcome Doug Pedersonthe team’s first ever head coach to win a Super Bowl returned to Lincoln Financial Field with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the first time since his release.

Pederson currently has Jaguars at 1-1 after an impressive 24-0 win over the Colts.

Jacksonville looks like a rejuvenated team led by Pederson compared to last year’s Urban Meyer experiment.

Local audiences are sure to cheer for fan favorite Pederson.

In 2013, when Andy Reid returned to Philadelphia in his first game as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, he received a standing ovation – expect the same from Pederson.

But when the first game starts, Pederson will be an enemy to those taking seats in South Philadelphia.

The Eagles will travel west for 5 weeks against the Arizona Cardinals.

This will be the first time the franchise’s biggest tight end, Zach Ertz, will face his former squad.

Ertz was the team’s top customer for the 2017 season with 74 catches for 824 yards and eight touchdowns. His touchdown at the end of the fourth quarter in Super Bowl LII gave the Eagles an advantage over the New England Patriots.

A few plays before the touchdown, Ertz also grabbed Nick Foles’ clutch at 4 and 1, right in front of the midfielder, to extend the ride.

Ertz was touched after being given away last season, calling Philadelphia “home” at a recent press conference before heading to Arizona.

Before the Eagles say goodbye, they will host the Dallas Cowboys in Linc for Sunday Night Football on Week 6. The game always has power, but it would have had more if Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had not suffered a broken throwing arm.

Also appearing in the game is Eagles’ Super Bowl member: Future Left Hall of Fame gear, Jason Peters.

Peters broke off his ACL and MCL in October during the Super Bowl run, but continued to play a huge role as a mentor to the team. He hasn’t made his Cowboys debut yet, but that may be soon.

It will be weird to see Peters, the two-time first All-Pro team, in a cowboy outfit after wearing northern green for 11 seasons.

But that’s life in the NFL.

Things change and emotions can run high when Wentz, Pederson, Ertz and Peters face the Eagles.

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