Weiner, boot lead the way as America’s best-branded vehicles

Brands are evolving the way they promote their products, taking the show down the road, allowing potential customers to experience their brand and product offering in a unique way.

Instead of displaying in a park or other public space, some companies are turning vehicles into mobile marketing opportunities, promoting the brand as they travel from city to city. Anything from a 12-foot-tall Hershey’s Kiss to a 25-foot-long Peanuts can be seen thronging American streets hoping to attract attention.

Craftsmen Industries Inc. specializes in interactive marketing tools such as promotional vehicles. The build can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to half a year, depending on the model involved.

“We are doing engineering and building design in that time frame,” said Mark Steele, the company’s president and CEO. newsweek, “So, we’ve described that we compete on the time dimension, that speed is part of what we’re selling, we claim we can do what we do better and faster than our competitors.”

newsweek We have compiled a list of some of the best promotional vehicles that can be found across the country. to keep track.

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The person driving the Wienermobile is known as a hotdogger.
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Probably the most famous vehicle on this list is the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. The first Wienermobile was built in 1936 by Karl Meyer, the nephew of the founder of Oscar Meyer. Today, six different Wienermobiles are traveling the country at any one time. Some have been parked for good, such as the 1952 edition located at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

Some versions of the Weinermobile are made by Craftsman Industries. They are powered by a 5.2-litre Magnum V8 engine.

Weinermobile’s itinerary is listed on its site and is also available to book on its available dates.

Planters Nutmobile

Planters Nutmobile
There are six versions of the Nutmobile.

A year before the Weinermobile hit the streets, a Planters Peanut salesman turned a car into the first version of the Nutmobile. By 1999, the Mr. Peanut shell had become a 25-foot-long peanut-shaped vehicle on wheels. Planters were named NASCAR’s official snack food that year and as Nutmobile traveled to more than 35 cities across the country.

In 2014, Nutmobile added two 26-foot-long fiberglass mobiles to its fleet, making it a three-nut lineup. Nutmobiles feature smart technology, GPS navigational system and a customized interior.

Nutmobile’s touring schedule is available through the company’s site.

ll bean bootmobile

ll bean bootmobile
Bootmobile sizes would be 747 and 708 if measurements are in actual shoe sizes.
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The original L.L.Bean boot was designed to help people enjoy the outdoors. Today, 11- and 13-foot mobile versions of the boot to take a tour of the country and take an interest in the experience.

The larger, original bootmobile is built on a Ford F-250 frame with a steel and fiberglass exterior while the second, smaller boot is built on a GMC Sierra 2500 HD chassis frame with aluminum and fiberglass construction.

If the shoes were actually shoes, their sizes would be 747 and 708 respectively.

Bootmobiles’ laces are made from 12-strand braided mooring rope that’s strong enough to withstand a tow of up to 106,000 pounds.

Together the bootmobiles have covered 40,000 miles and have appeared at hundreds of events in 10 states. The front location of any boot can be found on the company’s site.

Big Idaho Potato Truck

Big Idaho Potato Truck
Largely made of potato fiberglass, it would take 7,000 years for a spud to grow to this size.
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What began as a one-year campaign to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Idaho Potato Commission has grown into nine large Idaho Potato Truck cross-country trips.

The Potato Truck quickly became a part of pop-culture and now travels the country promoting Idaho-grown potatoes and helping small charities in towns and cities with its A Big Help program.

The four-ton potato truck is made of fiberglass and runs on a 72-foot-long frame. According to the Idaho Potato Commission, it would take about 7,000 years to actually grow a potato of that size.

The tour schedule of Big Idaho Potato Trucks is available via an interactive map on the commission’s website.

Big Flavor Grill by Johnsonville

Johnsonville Big Flavor Grill
Johnsonville, LLC

On the 50th anniversary of Johnsonville Sausage, the company developed the original Big Flavor Grill. Also called “The World’s Largest Touring Grill,” this 65-foot-long, 53,000-pound giant grill is capable of cooking more than 750 brats at a rate of 2,500 per hour.

The grill’s 6,000-pound lid features an 8-foot handle that opens using a hydraulic system, which provides access to 440,000 British Thermal Units (BTU), a half-ton of Johnsonville brats kept in the onboard fridge on the grill. necessary to do. The chef has plenty of room to cook, thanks to the 4-foot platform in front of the grill.

Big Test Grill’s tour schedule is available on the company’s website.

Hershey’s Kissmobile

Hershey's Kissmobile
Hershey’s Kissmobile was discontinued for tours in 2019, but fans can still find it at three different locations in Hershey, PA: Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hersheypark, and the Antique Auto Museum.
Antique Auto Museum

Instead of building a giant version of their product, Hershey built a vehicle on Hershey’s Kissmobile with three 12-foot kisses. Originally made in 1997, the three-kissed car has over 250,000 miles on its odometer. It has distributed over 2 million samples of Hershey’s Kisses along the way.

According to the Hershey Company, Kissmobile was created to inspire emotional engagement with Hershey’s consumers and to raise donations and awareness of the Children’s Miracle Network. In 2020, Hershey’s helped raise $6.2 million to treat more than 100,000 children.

Most days, the original Hershey Kissmobile cruiser can be displayed at the entrance to the Antique Automotive Car Museum in Pennsylvania.

Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill Burger-Mobile

As far as showstoppers go, the Westport Flea Market and Grill burger-mobiles are different for the right reasons. The owner of a downtown Kansas City, Missouri restaurant started this unique ride with a vehicular artist who came across a trip to New York City.

While taking a morning walk through Central Park, a similar “veggie mobile” caught the eye of owner Joe Zwillenberg. The Kansas City creation is featured on The Food Network’s Meat & Potato Show, starring Rahm Fama.

Nowadays, the truck remains parked, but there is so much buzz that customers still come to see it.

Peep Peepster

The Peeps Peepster
Three are three peep cars.
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Although the Wienermobile is one of the best-known food vehicles, the Yellow Peepster is certainly the first sign of spring. The marshmallow snack is largely associated with Easter and Spring. In 2012 the original Peepster completed its Spring Peeps Magical Moments Tour in time for the hatching of two more Peepsters.

With a fleet of three, Peepster was able to make his tour across the country, handing out samples of the marshmallow bird. Pipster took a break shortly after.

After a brief hiatus, Peepster returned in 2019 when the company partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to create a signature drink. Peep-mobile once again hit the road promoting alcohol.

Angry Orchard Cider House

Angry Orchard Cider House
Angry Orchard tasked Craftsman Industries to build a mobile version of the New York treehouse.
craftsman industry

Once Angry Orchard built its treehouse in Walden, New York, it quickly became a tourist attraction. The treehouse is nestled in a white pine tree in the garden and doubles as a tasting room.

The Boston Beer Company-owned hard cider brand wanted to create an on-the-road version of its popular Treehouse to take to festivals around the country. Although not capable of driving it, this travel trailer deserves attention due to its unique way of reaching out to the audience.

The massive display features an upper level clubhouse with wooden railings and a stairway entry into a custom-carved 3D treehouse.

Angry Orchard patio complete with custom wooden benches and faux plants, monitors for promotional materials and branded pub tables, awnings and graphics packed into a bumper pull trailer.

monkey shoulder mixer

monkey shoulder mixer
The mixer was commissioned with the goal of attracting the younger generation to the brand.
craftsman industry

Aimed at reaching a younger demographic, Monkey Shoulder Whiskey launched a party on wheels. The Scotland-based company wanted to expand its communications beyond bartenders to reach customers while maintaining the brand’s unique personality.

Craftsman Industries took a cement mixer and turned it into a giant, mobile cocktail maker, with large speakers and a DJ helping to drive customers to mobile billboards. Mixer visited 55 major US cities from February to December 2018, serving 876 gallons of Monkey Shoulder Cocktail to more than 112,000 customers.