West Brom player ratings vs Blackpool as their transfer requirement has been laid bare

West Brom were made to settle for a point at Blackpool on a night when once again their problems in the last third were clear for all to see.

Albion were the much better side at Bloomfield Road, where they managed a clear cut prospect in both halves, but the quality of their finishing only served to further fuel the argument that they should find themselves a new forward after the January transfer window. You need to get the option. opens.

Albion needed to improve on the performance they presented at Huddersfield, no question, but they had to warm up in this encounter against a side that, when newly promoted, has started the season very brightly. And have gotten some impressive results together.

A free kick in the Albion penalty area caused momentary panic, and despite Gary Madine’s best efforts, the Baggies cleared their lines.

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At the other end, it became clear that Tangerine was going to stick with his approach of exiting from behind, something that almost went horribly wrong when goalkeeper Dan Grimshaw passed straight to Grady Diangna on the edge of the box. Was gone – the Albion winger, however, could only pull a weak shot wide.

Albion began to find its rhythm from there. Alex Mowat, otherwise bright in the middle, swung a shot well over the bar when placed well, while Karlan Grant – who has been snatching comparable opportunities this season – passed two opportunities when played by Diana and Matt Phillips. done.

Darnell Furlong would have done even better when played with a brilliant pass from stand-in Jason Molumby, while Conor Townsend tested Grimshaw after a good work from Phillips.

Ultimately, however, he was grateful to Sam Johnstone for the parity with which he walked off the field half-time; The keeper made a remarkable double save in stoppage time after a set-piece was not disposed of in the baggies box. Madine and then Keshi Anderson were rejected in a dramatic fashion.

A CJ Hamilton chance, which was badly ruined when it was played by the lively Keshi Anderson, kept the chances coming towards Blackpool’s end in the second half; Ismail threw at Callum Robinson and Jordan Hugill at the hour mark, as expected, and they, as well as Grant, all got chances in the penalty area.

Matt Clark, too, was so good in his own defensive third, guilty of passing up an excellent opportunity, when he nodded when he was found inside the box from a corner.

Regardless of those occasions, the orange shirt propelled itself ahead of its target on each occasion. This had as much to do with the hosts’ desire to defend their lives as it was Albion’s disqualification in front of the goal.

It was another clean sheet, but it was another evening where points were dropped and Albion’s struggles in front of goal were once again bare. At least, the rot of the distant day has been stopped.

johnstone 7

Nervous opening touch when a pass back stumbled and hit a kick. Things didn’t improve much when he went straight to the bowler, and he was grateful to have collected Lavery’s final shot on that occasion. A very astonishing double save at the break saved his defenders who had gone off.

furlong 5

Blackpool was open in the penalty area, but could not settle their feet and began begging prospects. Defensively, the furlongs, usually in the right position, were missing when Johnstone saved his double. A first half long throw caused all kinds of problems, without the finishing touches applied, but they lacked quality on the right side with a fair amount of passing.

kipre 5

Strange evening for Kipre, as we all know the ball is on its feet and it’s time to take the pass. Booked for a late challenge which exhausted the Blackpool counter and received reminders from Bartley when communications and status were in question.

West Bromwich Albion’s Cedric Kipre fights to capture Blackpool’s Shayne Lavery

bartley 6

In Livermore’s absence, Albion’s captaincy can be seen asking for more from his teammates. Fairly well behaved with Maddin in the air but Anderson and Dale hit for a toe.

Clark 7

Capture and cool like a cucumber under pressure. Hawaii Chief. Titanic blocks to prevent Maddin from giving Blackpool the edge. Should have scored with a header from almost under the cross-bar from a corner.

Townsend 7

According to him, he knows what is expected of him and gives everything he does to the left hand side. There was an opening when Albion had opened the Seasiders and should have done better with his shot, before it pierced Mowat after working well on the left. The supply line kept coming in the second half as well. Worthy of being on the winning side.

Blackpool’s Josh bowler survives a tackle from West Bromwich Albion’s Conor Townsend

Molumbi 6

Seeing his chance, Livermore was suspended. Was engaged and aggressive in tackle, more deserving of an excellent assist through ball. Switched off to previous post and was thankful for Johnstone’s wonderful second reflex save. Decent shift but was missing that final key pass.

mowatt 7*

High and wide was curled when well placed in the first half, but there was great work in the middle by Mowat, especially in the first half when he won some crucial tackles to prevent Blackpool from breaking through. In terms of his all-round performance, it was more than what we expected.

Blackpool’s Keshi Anderson fights for possession with West Bromwich Albion’s Alex Mowat

Dianagana 5

He made a poor start in the first half hour, during which he made a good start and surrendered several times. Warmed up a bit before the break and delivered a charming low cross in the cut box. The hour is on.

Grant 5

Albion’s top scorer and he has shown that he is an excellent finisher in his day – it was sadly not one of those days. Placed well in the first half, his leg got hurt and then Grimshaw saved him a low shot. In the second half, Grant should have converted a low cross but widened it.

Philips 5

Another blow at the centre-forward for Phillips, who was back at one of his former clubs. Didn’t get many chances for himself but he did open for Townsend and Grant. One or two passes were careless but it was better than Saturday, though he is certainly more effective at the wide.

substitute player

Robinson (for Diane 60) 5

It was likely to win, but Robinson could not convert on several occasions. He sent headers wide and blocked the shot.

Hugill (for Philips 60) 5

More of a physical presence, but Hughill’s attempts to add to the game were largely unconvincing and he also missed a good opportunity.

Option not used: Button, Ajayi, Reach, Gardner-Hickman, Fellow

Blackpool: Grimshaw, Gabriel, Ecpietta, Pati, James, Vintal, Dougal, Bowler (Dale 66), Anderson, Lavery (Hamilton 66), Madine

Options not used: Moore, Connolly, Greaterson, Sterling, Yates


Blackpool – ; Albion –

Referee: Mr. Jared Gillette

Attendance: 11,517

Next: In Nottingham Forest, The Hawthorns, it starts Friday night (26 November) at 8:00 PM


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