WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania (CBS) – The local municipality has canceled its first LGBTQ celebrations scheduled for next weekend due to hate-fueled reactions. Many were upset by the planned drag show.

On Monday, the West Chester Borough Republican Committee posted on its social media account that there would be a drag show in the city center. They joined a flyer for Outfest and shared one of the drug’s Instagram accounts. They added: “If you think it is inappropriate, as we do, let your voice be heard in the municipal council.”

Board chairman Michael Stefano told CBS Philadelphia that board members had received loads of e-mails.

“Quite a lot of indignation that this event will continue,” said Stefano. “And the outrage really was not just about the event, but about the fact that there would be drag queens at the party.”

This indignation and fear of what could happen despite the lack of any threats resulted in the withdrawal of the permit to organize the event and its withdrawal.

“They compared drag queens and the fact that at a social event where children might be there would be drag queens with the s*xualization of children and young children,” Stefano said.

The performer whose Instagram page was shared by the Republican committee, Stefani Steel, was to perform at the event.

“Every show that I run, I always say,“ What’s the audience? Who is in the audience? ” I look around, are there any children? Steel said. “Because I’m going to adapt and act differently to each audience.”

Steel says their Instagram page is intended for adults, not children. Her shows, she explained, depend on the audience. He says when he performs he is like a Disney character and says that all of this could have been avoided.

“It might be, if you’re not in it, if you think it’s not right for your kids, don’t come,” said Steel.

The West Chester Borough Republican Committee was unable to get a comment, but they posted their social media accounts on Thursday, saying in part: “The mild criticism and concern for the relevance of a social event is not hate or even terrorism as some have alleged. We have never encouraged a threat, implicitly or explicitly. ”

Meanwhile, Stefano says his goal, following the events of this week, is to host an Outfest-style event in West Chester in the future.

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