What are the papers called – 23 November


action against boris johnson CBI The speech, in which he references the cartoon character Peppa Pig, leads to several letters.

Metro described the speech as “Peppa Pig’s ears” and a “serious” performance, while daily star There is also a cartoon-themed front page.

During this, Guardian According to reports, Conservative MPs are concerned about the qualifications of the PM after the speech.

And this financial Times Picture Mr Johnson but walk with the US President Joe Biden Nominating Jay Powell to serve as chairman of the Federal Reserve again.

NS daily Express also features Prime minister On its front page as well as comments made by Sir Edward Leigh on migrants crossing the Channel.

elsewhere, daily Mirror Claims Conservative ministers skipped a costly fundraiser to vote on social care reforms.

Daily Telegraph Brexit Minister Lord Frost has called for tax cuts.

separately, I Seeks government advice on coronavirus tests and Christmas shopping.

many times Comments from the former chairman of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce Dem Kate Bingham Who criticizes how Whitehall is run.

And this daily mail Reports that Justice Secretary Dominic Raab wants to “shake” the parole board.


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