What are the papers called – 24 November

A briefing war on Downing Street is featured on the front pages, along with a new law to protect police officers and nurses.

The government has announced that those who kill an emergency service worker while committing a crime will be given a mandatory life sentence daily Express And this daily mail,

Independent Experts say ministers in England have “lost the message” on Covid-19, with scientists warning Downing Street to take the virus “more seriously” amid the high number of cases.

AstraZeneca’s jab may provide longer-lasting immunity than other vaccines, reports Daily Telegraph, which quotes the firm’s chief executive Pascal Soriot as saying that giving the elderly the shot developed with Oxford may be one reason the UK is not seeing “so many hospitals relative to Europe”.

many timesIn the meantime, say health chiefs have drawn up plans to cut NHS waiting lists by moving the sick across the country.

Returning to Downing Street, where I Reports on an “undercurrent of distrust” in a briefing war between the prime minister’s and chancellor’s teams.

Guardian Also covers “disappointment”, as it says that Sage Sunak’s department is concerned about Boris Johnson’s “tendency to over-promise and poor timing of decisions”.

David Cameron lobbied a Tory while prime minister to save Greensil’s deal with Lloyds Banking Group, which he had coveted. financial Times,

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have banned the BBC from screening their Christmas Carol concert amid “rage” over a royal documentary, reports Sun,

The murders of a couple in a Somerset home while their young children slept upstairs Metro And this daily Mirror,

And this daily star Say, “A idiot jailed for causing chaos on the streets of Britain wants you to help pay his rent. What a joke!”

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