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What are the SF giants saying after defeating LA Dodgers in NLDS Game 3?

The Giants took on the Dodgers in their National League Division Series Game 3 at Dodger Stadium on Monday night, winning 1-0, bringing them back to the NLCS.

After splitting the first two games in San Francisco, the teams resumed playing in the cold, hazy conditions in Southern California that are commonly found in the Giants’ Old Home Kendall Stick Park. Dodgers starter Max Scherzer stumbled across the mound due to strong winds.

Finally, Avon Longoria’s home away from Scherzer, Alex Wood, Tyler Rogers, Jack McGee and Camilo Doval’s joint shutout (retiring all six of those batters), catching Brendon Crawford’s run-saving jump, and possibly home Tie the run ball. Played in the game by the wind and caught on the warning track for the final out, the Giants’ victory increased. Now they have another win away from eliminating the Dodgers.

Highlights from Monday night’s game with manager Gabe Kepler and players Wood, Longoria, Doval and Brendan Crawford.

Avon, your team has been keeping the Dodgers off all season. They are chasing you. Now they are defending champions and you are one game away from keeping them out for the season. How does it feel to go to the fourth game?

Longoria: I mean, it’s really no different than it has been all year. I mean, it’s a really good baseball team. They came back after winning our Game 1 and the offense was revealed. So we know for sure that they are not going to return. They have already come down and found ways to get back and they have definitely got the players to do it. So, hopefully tomorrow we will come out as a group and try to go upstairs and silence this crowd here a bit. But it will not be easy.

For Kepler: You’ve seen Brendan Crawford make plays like that in the last two years. Just looking at the stakes of the situation, how did you put something that he did in the seventh inning?

Kepler: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. He liked it very much And I think he got great reading and perfect timing on that ball. The ball was hit really hard and it was well taken. Another extraordinary play by Crow and another play that was really meaningful in our season.

Brendan, you’re making jumping catches like all your career, but with the Mookie Bates and the situation at the moment, how do you make this play?

Crawford: I really have nothing to go through. Just catch the ball. That’s what I’m thinking. I think it had a bit of a top spin on it, luckily, so I was just able to, and it was on my head, so I was just able to jump and hope it would go in my gloves. ۔

Avon, take us through this at-beat, and then whatever was with the wind, like when you hit it you felt great, but did you know you got it all, tonight Given the circumstances of?

Longoria: I mean, I knew I got every part of it as far as I could hit baseball. But, yeah, I mean, I wasn’t sure it was going to go out. I mean, tonight’s situation was crazy. I mean, we were talking about his coming. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Once or twice I felt like I was going to be blown away, with a lot of dust in my eyes. And playing and playing like that tonight was definitely a bit more difficult. But, yeah, I was thinking, if that ball hadn’t come out tonight, I would have, I probably would have cashed in on it.

For the woods: Given your history here, head over heels against Max Scherzer, your lifelong plan to become a starter, how satisfying it was for both of you individually tonight and for you to pick up your teammates What can I do for you?

Wood: Yes, of course. These are the moments that test you. If you are in the big leagues, if you are a big league player then you are the best in everything you do on planet earth. So you work hard all the off-season, you work hard all season to end things in moments like this. Tonight and to keep our team on track, the work we’ve done all year and the work I know people do day and night is really special. So that sounds great, but we still have some work to do. They’re a great ball club, they really are, and so we have to get ready to play tomorrow, we know they will, and so we’ll see what happens in the next one or two matches.

For Longoria and Crawford: You’ve both had a great time with Doyle this year, to the left of Anfield. What has he done since his return in August and what do you make of what he has done tonight?

Longoria: I mean, obviously his stuff is electrical. We saw that when he came quickly. Not so successful. I mean, no, he didn’t have a lot of innings initially. Then to be able to like his step and basically just strengthen the character of a close one as out of nowhere. You know, we’ve been mixing and matching Rogue and McGee for a long time, and then when McGee went down we had some different pieces with Dom and some other guys. But basically for him to step up and handle that role and then do what he did tonight, I mean, beautiful.
Especially for a young boy who doesn’t have the full experience of the Major League, as he did, I mean, especially, given the circumstances, it can’t be underestimated.

To Longoria and Crawford: The ball that (Dodgers Gavin Lux hit to get out of the game), did any of you think the ball was going out?

Longoria: I think we both did. My stomach sank a lot when it hit him. I couldn’t believe it didn’t happen, but I think tonight is our night.

Crawford: There were some balls that hit hard tonight. I mean, I think (Dodgers Chris) Taylor hit a very hard one in the seventh, I think, or something like that, the sixth or the seventh. I think it barely got to the track. So, I mean, it was an element, but obviously it’s an element for both sides.

For Doval: Apparently you were here early in the season, went back to Triple A because when you came back in August you weren’t allowed to run. What has changed since you returned?

Double: Well, basically it’s just work, work, work. I basically didn’t have control over my dirty pitches and now I am able to control my fastball and I can place sliders wherever I want and that’s about it.

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