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What are the SF giants saying after the LA Dodgers forced NLDS Game 5?

It was a Belpen game for the Giants in their NLDS Game 4 against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night, not the way San Francisco is accustomed to.

Giants manager Gabe Kepler had to go on to set his own record in early and frequent A7-2 losses, when starter Anthony de Sclafani used seven relievers after not being out of the second inning in a potential series-winning game. Were

Dangerous starter Walker Boehler, who was starting for the first time in his career with a three-day break, and the Giants’ offense against five LA reliever was no better.

The series will now return to San Francisco on Thursday night, with the winner facing the Atlanta Braves for the National League.

Here are some highlights from Tuesday night’s post-game media session with manager Gabe Kepler and players Buster Posey and Deslafani.

For Posey: Buster, you’ve obviously been a part of many winning games in the history of giants. How do you see this team and how do you feel it will respond to such a situation in Game 5 on Thursday?

Pussy: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Obviously this coming on Thursday is the most meaningful for this place and it should be fun.

For Kepler: Can you summarize going into Game 5 with a team that is so similar to all seasons (the Giants won the Season Series 10-9 and one ahead of the Dodgers at ND West? Game over) and constantly coming down?

Kepler: I definitely think that’s what we’re going to get soon. I don’t think we will spend much time in this game as a team. I think we’re going to get on a plane, it’s a holiday, it’s a real holiday. We will schedule our workout shortly. We’ll start getting ready for Game 5. We’re going, they’re ready for it and get the rest of the club ready.

For Kepler: What did you see from Deslafani tonight and was it a command issue or was it not the same life on the pitches?

Kepler: I think the Dodgers were taking good swings on it, first and foremost. And we’ve seen that the Dodgers have had some good swing against Des Calafani in the past, and mostly here just to recognize it, to recognize it, and to decide that we’re going to grind our way through it and Trying to stay in the game with you. . I don’t think he had the best stuff. I don’t think he had the best command and I think the Dodgers were taking good swings from him.

For DeSclafani: Anthony, you’ve been great against every other team in the league this season, but the Dodgers seem to have only your number. Why do you think it is this year?

D. Scalafani: They are just gathering good batsmen, have a good game plan. I have no specific answer. It’s just me trying and sticking to my game plan and attack and I don’t think I’ve made enough adjustments.

For Kepler: I think going back to the last home stand, there were times where the lineup might not have looked as effective as it has all year. Do you see anything different from their point of view?

Kepler: I’ll crack it, some recent, I won’t even call it a struggle, but lately we’re not getting some explosive enough to compete against some really good horses. And I think that’s what happens in the post season. You only get the standard arm after the standard arm and sometimes you have a big innings and you can win the game with that big innings. Sometimes you have to scratch in a race, like we did yesterday, and it’s a swing that makes all the difference and we’ll finish the work for us against (Joello) Urea in Game 5 and we That’s why we will be ready.

For Kepler: You used a lot of weapons tonight. Do you expect Off Day to be fresh enough for Game 5?

Kepler: I think everyone is going to get up. It was nice that although (Tyler) Rogers stood up after a long walk yesterday, that was, he didn’t throw a ton of pitches. Jack McGee didn’t throw a ton of pitches. Zack Little might have gone there and stood a little longer, but we wanted to keep him safe, too. Obviously, the better it looks, the better it will be available. I think we will be in a really good position with our belly. I hope everyone gets ready and ready for the pitch.

For Kepler: Logan is set to become the youngest pitcher in the history of the web franchise to start all games from the winner. I know he’s been doing this all year, but I guess as an individual or a pitcher he convinces you to get up on this occasion?

Kepler: I mean, we can lean on the track record of the last four months. It’s been a long time, it’s been a lot of beginnings, and it’s a start in some big games. It is completely comfortable and ready and confident. So I mean, that’s enough.

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