What does it mean when you dream that you haven’t studied for the big exam?

This is one of the most common recurring nightmares we have. To dream of not preparing for an exam or sometimes missing out – is a familiar experience, even for those of us who haven’t been students for many years.

In a survey of 2,000 Americans, mattress and bedding company Amerisleep found that dreaming of not getting ready for a test or important event was the fourth most common recurring dream in America, experienced by 34 percent of survey participants.

According to the survey, only dreams in which the sleeper was falling, being chased or returned to school were more common.

This dream is often characterized by its painstaking, panic-inducing description: the sleeper is facing an exam for a course they forgot they were taking and never attended; the dreamer forgot the class location or never knew when to start it; The dreamer is sometimes prevented from reaching the test location by actual physical limitations.

In rare cases, the subject of the dream may be another event for which the dreamer is not prepared, such as a wedding to which they have forgotten to invite any guests.

Dreams often wake the sleeping person with a pounding heart, even if there is no apparent stress in their current life. But what is the reason for this particular dream scenario?

Stock image of woman taking exam. Not being prepared for an exam is one of the most common recurring dreams.
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Dream expert and author Delphi Ellis told newsweek Recurrent dreams are important because they reflect patterns of emotion.

“The best thing to do is to keep a dream diary,” she says. “You can start to see patterns in your dreams.” Although the thought of not being prepared for the exam is enough to cause panic among people who have this dream repeatedly, Ellis says she considers all dreams as potentially positive—even See it as a nightmare.

explaining the lack of preparedness

Ellis said exam dreams are most clearly associated with stress. The dream can be a reflection of the stress the person was feeling in their past when they were taking an exam, and the stress imprints on the mind so that the next time they are feeling stressed, their dream brings them back to the same moment. Takes it away .

He said the exam dream is especially common for those who work on deadlines or who are under significant pressure. They may feel that they are not prepared for the level of pressure they are feeling, and this can be the catalyst for a dream in which they have not been prepared for a long time.

Any major life experience can be a precursor to a dream, from job changes to bereavement, and keeping a dream diary can make it easier to determine what pressures may provoke its recurrence.

“Dreaming about school is often about going through the learning experience,” Ellis says. “School is a metaphor for learning, so if something happens from which you learned, you can dream that you were back in school.” Exam dreams have been particularly common during the pandemic, he said, noting that repeated lockdowns gave people time to learn more about themselves.

Man Wakes Up From Nightmare
“All dreams are trying to tell us something,” said dream expert and author Delphi Ellis.

Exams other interpretations of dreams, a. According to psychology today Articles reviewing professional literature and personal accounts include a reflection of the responsibility, duty or choice the dreamer is hesitant to fulfill; a lack of confidence relating to the change associated with the end of something; Or a reminder to take a more active role in one’s fate.

“There’s the potential to create awareness of what lies beneath the dream,” Ellis said. “All dreams are trying to tell us something. It’s just about whether we notice.”

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