The eagerly anticipated season 5 of Crown now broadcasts on Netflix, with a brand new cast of the British Royal Family.

Season 5 takes place in the 1990s and presents the royal family facing several war breakdowns as well as a decline in popularity with British audiences and Princess Diana’s infamous interview with Martin Bashir.

One of the biggest themes in the new series is the separation and then the divorce of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, played by Dominic West and Elizabeth Dębicki, respectively.

West and Debicki are taking over the roles of Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin, and like Corrin as Diana in season four, audiences are delighted with the resemblance and embodiment of the late princess by Debicki.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about Dębicki and what she said about playing the role of Princess Diana.

Elżbieta Dębicka as Princess Diana in the Crown.

What did Elizabeth Debicki say about playing Princess Diana? Crown

Australian actress Debicki played Princess Diana Crown Season 5 and will reprise the role in Season 6, the final season of the award-winning franchise.

The announcement of her casting took place in 2020. Dębicki, which appeared in Great gatsby, Dogma, and Night manager, he said in a statement at the time: “The spirit of Princess Diana, her words and her actions live in the hearts of so many people. This is my real privilege and honor join this championship series that completely fascinated me from the very first episode.

Now this Crowns The new season is ahead of the world, Debicki shared his insights on what it was really like to play this role.


Early Crown Season 5, one of the events that unfold in Diana’s life is her recording for British journalist and biographer Andrew Morton about her life.

The recordings were made in secret and delivered to Morton by her close friend Dr. James Colthurst. In 1992, Morton published Diana: Her true story, and both sides denied that Diana had any connection.

However, after Diana died in August 1997, Morton published Diana: Her true story – in her own words which contained transcripts of the audio recordings she sent him.

A comparison of Princess Diana and Elżbieta Dębicka
Princess Diana (left) aboard the P&O “Royal Princess” on November 15, 1984 and Diana played by Elizabeth Debicki (right) in the photo from the fifth season of “Korona”. Debicki was recognized for recreating Diana’s voice and manner.
Tim Graham’s photo library via Getty Images / Netflix / The Crown

I’m talking to Weekly Entertainment, Debicki said filming the recording scenes was “a fascinating and complex task.”

“It’s amazing that you would suddenly open this portal where you can access this kind of reality and this emotional truth of your character, and then find a way to reinterpret her as an actor,” she said.

“I found it to be a really rich experience and a real challenge.”

Revenge dress

In episode 5 of Crown Season 5, Debicki depicts the famous moment when Diana attended a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in 1994, the same evening Prince Charles admitted in an interview that he was unfaithful to her.

For the occasion, Diana wore Christina Stambolian’s black shoulder-length dress, which later became known as the “Revenge Dress”.

Dębicki said Fashion wearing a replica of the revenge dress was “pressure”.

“It’s a complicated dress,” she said. “I let the fitting take place around me as I thought about what the dress meant. Why this dress? She had had it for two or three years. It was very risky back then. from this car, the brightness, the strength of her when the car door opened, she was so fast and so forward. This is an unusual thing to watch. To decide what you say about yourself through fashion … it was the currency. Extremely powerful currency. “

In the same interview, reflecting on Diana’s game, Debicki said: “I hope I did something interesting for her. This is the ultimate goal. “

First day on set

In October 2022 with The Radio times, Debicki described her first day on set as Diana as “a slow decline”.

“There is an actual obstacle to getting onto the set on day one – I remember that weird, very slow fall,” she said. “It’s like this:“ It’s happening. It is really happening. The cameras keep spinning, and I really do.

“The people behind this program have been doing this for many years, so there was a real support network around us that said,“ This is perfectly normal. This is how everyone felt when they started. It takes time and then you will find your legs. ‘And we all did it. “

Crown Season 5 is now broadcasting on Netflix.

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