CHICAGO (CBS) – Mystery, unsolved on the lakeside near Highland Park.

AND A 45-year-old man died of “suspicious injuries”.CBS 2 found out that the last two people saw him alive – they are behind bars, but not for m*rder.

Chris Tye of CBS 2 reports on questions being washed ashore.

“This is a very, very thorough investigation. When someone dies as a result of a homicide, there is no stone that does not turn back. Investigators are looking at everything, said deputy chief Chris Covelli of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force.

From their homes on the aptly named Cliff Road, homeowners receive a daily dose of the majesty of Lake Michigan. But sometimes they pick up the sounds of those who walk on the shoreline below.

This was the case with 45-year-old Matthew Ascaridis just after 1:00 am on Saturday.

He heard loud people on the shoreline. He went out to the beach. This turned into a violent quarrel.

Then four hours later …

“A passerby noticed a body partially submerged in the water and dialed 911,” said Covelli.

The coroner said the d*ath was due to multiple injuries that investigators found suspicious.

“We know this is a very rocky area where this encounter took place, some very large rocks,” said Covelli.

At about the same time, two men, 20-year-old Nicholas Caban and 18-year-old Jacob Firestone, both from Highland Park, called 911 telling authorities they needed both medical attention and to share that they had a relationship with Ascarides on the beach. just a few hours earlier.

They were both hospitalized. Authorities got a warrant for the Cabana house.

“They found a firearm with the serial number obliterated,” said Covelli.

This led to him being charged with a gun. Firestone was released from hospital Tuesday night and was placed in police custody.

“Investigators know he was trying to conceal evidence of this incident,” said Covelli. “We know there was a violent fight between the 45-year-old, the 20-year-old and the 18-year-old.” Covelli said.

Three men fought, two left alive. What was the exact involvement of the last two men who saw him alive?

When the crime scene is a beach where evidence is swirling with every wave, not leaving a stone on the stone can be a very difficult task.

“While at first glance it may seem like the case is open and closed, it is far from there,” said Covelli.

The victim was the father, husband and owner of a local company. Police said additional charges against the last two men who saw him alive could still arise.

Anyone with information about what happened on this beach that night is requested to contact us Lake County Serious Crime Task Force. The number is 847-377-4000

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