What NFL experts are predicting for Sunday’s Patriots-Dolphins game


The Patriots are the favorite team on 6.5 points to win Sunday’s match.

Damien Harris and the Patriots are looking to avenge their first week loss to the Dolphins on Sunday.

I’m rooting for chaos.

As fun as the Chargers-Raiders scenario is, where both teams come post season if the Jaguars beat the Colts and the current and former Los Angeles teams end Week 18 in a tie, give me the Jets on the Bills as upset. To watch this week.

Give me every crazy scenario; Yes, it’s enough to hope that the Patriots can beat the Dolphins in Miami, while the Jets beat the Bills and New England wins the AFC East. But the trifecta is still out as a possibility.

New England could take the AFC’s No. 1 seed with victories on Miami Sunday and losses to Buffalo, Kansas City and Tennessee. five thirty eight gives it 0.3 chance of happeningwhich is quite high. Unless you consider that neither the Bills nor the Bengals have a shot at math.

But the Patriots can beat the Dolphins as long as they hang onto the ball this time. The Texans could beat the Titans, a team that lost to the Jets when they had a healthy Derrick Henry. I have less faith in the Broncos beating the Chiefs and the Jets beating the Bills team still vying for a division title.

Kansas City and Denver face off in the first game of the weekend at 4:30 p.m. Saturday. We will know by prime time whether the patriots’ dream of goodbye has come true.

If the chief loses, there will be chaos and it will be beautiful.

This week’s predictions:

Globe Staff: Split (New England -6.5).

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Patriots 27, Dolphins 14. “The Patriots are playing for a potential division title while the Dolphins are done. Miami have been putting up a terrible offensive last week and it won’t get better here. New England will limit them again and make up for their first week’s loss. Will score enough to take revenge.

John Breech, CBS Sports: Patriots 24, Dolphins 10. “The Patriots offense has gotten a lot better since then, but I can’t say the same for the Dolphins. Even during their seven-game winning streak, the Dolphins had trouble scoring and when they finally finished their 17th week. I played with a good Titans team, they couldn’t score at all (they lost 34-3). I think they’ll get more than three points in this game, but not much.”

Michael Hurley, CBS Greeley Tribune: Patriot (-6.5). “I get to go with a Patriots team that seems to handle its business against teams it should beat. I already regret that.”

Jimmy Kempsky, Philly Voice: New England (-6.5). “The Patt*ts are in the tournament, but they need a win and a loss for the Bills to win AFC East. I think they’ll be looking at some scoreboards in the second game, and if the Bills are impressing the Jets, some Important pat starters can come out of this game.

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Play: Dolphin (+6.5). “I’m a little worried about taking on the Dolphins. They had playoff dreams after winning seven games, and a loss last week ended it. When the goal you were chasing is no longer achievable, go to the next It’s hard to get up in the game. But they’ve been competitive and beat the Patriots to end the season, giving Miami a winning record, not too bad for a consolation prize. I think Brian Flores will have the Dolphins ready “

Vinnie Iyer, Sports News: Patriots 27, Dolphins 16. The Patriots will remember how they lost a low-scoring defensive slugfest to the Dolphins in Week 1. The Dolphins pushed for a playoff spot after being freed from that winning performance in New England, but crushed him early in Tennessee. Granted. The Patriots will continue to ride the running game and put the pressure on the Bills to win as road favorite, even on the Bills, to topple Tua Tagovailoa, a skilled Mack Jones.

Bill Bender, Sporting News: Patriots 28, Dolphins 21. Mack Jones keeps it going in preparation for his first postseason run for New England. The Dolphins, who were eliminated in Week 17, keep it competitive. New England, however, would have secured another AFC East victory. and finishes 7-1 s/u on the road. It counts going into the postseason.”

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk: Patriots 27, Dolphins 17. “The Patriots have issues in Miami, but New England needs to win and the Dolphins are headed for another non-playoff season after winning seven in a row.”

Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk: Patriots 30, Dolphins 13. “The Dolphins laid an egg at a big moment in their loss to the Titans last week, and now that they’re out of it I think they’ll fold and lose big again.”

five thirty eight: Patriots, 52 percent (-0.5).

Greg Rosenthal, NFL.com: Patriots 28, Dolphins 20. “It’s not that I don’t believe what the Dolphins achieved during their winning streak. Tua Tagovailoa will play better in better conditions this week, and the Miami defense won’t be giving up much through the air. It’s just that.” That’s why the Patriots have a ceiling aggressively so high. They can run on the Dolphins and have a higher chance of winning the turnover margin, as they have all year.”

NFL Pickwatch: Ninety percent patriotic (-260).

It says here: Patriots 25, Dolphins 12. Monday morning is going to be a tense one for some of Belichick’s former disciples, including Brian Flores, who won’t get any last laughs in the regular season finale on Sunday.