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What to catch for a Halloween mischief event.

The second half of October will be a treat rather than a trick on the players “Pokemon Go” Halloween mischief event. Walking from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on October 31, players will catch creatures that start colliding at night.

The celebration takes place in two stages. The first is entitled “Strange Companions” and is the first sign of it. Gallerian Sloaking. And shiny Spinark.. It also introduces new costumes like Pokemon. پکاچو ، پِلپ۔ And Drifblim. They all wear new hats, which is disappointing compared to last year’s edition.

What to catch for part 1
When it comes to what to catch, clear goals are hidden because they can all be shiny. They will be mandatory for collectors as they are potentially rare. There will be a prize for the shiny spinner event. his Different colors are powder blue. And its evolution, Aridos, is a game that has a trim-like color with a purple body. It will be a bright one that will flicker on the screen even though it may not be as useful as other creatures.

Gallerian Sloaking.
Gallerian Sloaking made his debut in “Pokemon Go” this month. (Niantic)

Meanwhile , Gallerian Sloaking. Looks cool (it has Cobra Commander type vibe.) Unfortunately, it won’t play a big role in the raids or in the Go Battle League. It has a remarkable poison – and psychological type, but it is stopped by its fast moves. Still, it’s a good idea to have one or two ready for PokڈDex entry. Players can get one Gallerian Slow Poke. Transforming into a gallery behavior through a star raid during the event.

The second biggest prize of the event is one. Yamask. This Pokemon started as a quest reward, but over the years, it has been easier to catch because Nintendo has made it more available. The big problem is that Yamsk and its gallery version only appear during Halloween. With its ready form. کوفاگریگس۔ Recently acquiring Shadow Art, this Pokemon jumped into PvP Meta.

Add to that the fact that Yamsk can be shiny, too, and it tops the list of the most wanted for the Pokemon event. Unfortunately, Yamask will not be widely available. This will be a rare event.

For other pocket monsters in the wild, I’ll try hard. Zobat, Drozi, Gestley, Mesdreus, Shopet. And ووبت۔ All of these Pokemon will have their shiny shapes available. I will pay special attention to Gastly and Drowzee because they are used in Go Battle League and in some cases there are raids. Strange And گوٹھیتا۔ They will appear, but they will not shine.

State of the art
When it comes to raids, I put most of it to myself. Modified form Gertina. Pokemon Ultra is a beast in the Master League. It can be shiny, and at the very least, the Candy XL Renegade will help push Pokemon to the level of 50. الولان رائچو Or Sibyl, try to get one that will be able to raid. I use the same method. Mercury And Yamask, Which are also in one-star prints and can be shiny. If a player already has enough Geratina candy, I’ll pay attention to the Yamask raids because it’s a rare shiny Pokemon.

If players are looking for Guillain Yamask, they can find them in the 7km eggs or through a field research task. Pokیمmon made its debut last year with a special quest, and players caught only one. Now, it looks like they’re too wide for the event. I will try my best to collect 7km of eggs and get a shiny spinach, mesdrives or shepherd. Of course, players also have a chance to win Changling, Lituk. Or گولیٹ۔ as well as.

For those looking for hard-to-find shiny variations, field research work is another option. Costumes will be available in Pakacho, Puppel and Drivefilm FAQs. In addition, players will have the opportunity to play Zobat, Drozi, Spinark and Wobt. All can be shiny. The Gothita Task is a reward that players don’t want, while Guillermo Yamsk is a very satisfying reward because of its rarity. Not to be outdone, players should look for Catch 18 Ghost Type Pokemon or 18 Dark Type Pokemon Quest this month. These are rare and give players a chance at another Halloween-based Pokemon. اسپرٹومب۔. Best of all, it can be shiny. With so many dark and ghost type Pokemon around this event, it will be easy to complete it earlier this month.

Part 2 – Goulish Pals.
The second part of the Halloween mischief event is called Ghoulish Pals and runs on October 31 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is more interesting in both stages as players will get lots of new Pokemon. Are top notch فینٹمپ۔ And پمپکابو۔ Which is a pair of dual ghost types. Both figures and moves will have an impact on the Go Battle League.

Phantom and its evolution, Trevonant , Will change meta in some leagues. It has amazingly strong stats and a great move set, including Shadow Art as a Fast Move and Shadow Ball, Seed Bomb and Fall Play as Charge Moves. It can compete with some of the strongest water and psychological types in the Great League.

during this, گورجسٹ۔The evolution of Pumpkabu has the potential to be equivalent to meta-conversion in some leagues. It’s not good, it’s great, it’s fast moving with razor leaf and hex and there’s a wide variety of charge movers with badge bombs, shadow balls, fire blasts and fall play. Both Pokیمmon will fill a space in the competitive game as Pokیمmon counters. Gelsent, Swimming And Driflbim.

With the release of these Pokemon, Nintendo is introducing a new sized mechanic that influences the shape of the pumpkabo. These close pocket monsters will come in four sizes and it affects their cosmetics.

Another great start. Mega Absol Disaster Pokemon has the shape of a pegasus with white wings and more horns. As a pure black type, it will be useful in raids against ghosts and psyches. It’s a bit of a glass cannon, but it can be useful if the players are low in allies. Best of all, absolutes caught during mega raids can be shiny. This is one of the best megas coming soon.

Pokemon in the jungle.
The wild events of the second event are not as diverse as the previous ones. Players will have the opportunity to face Pokچوmon and Puppets but will also have the opportunity to catch Gastelli (shiny available), Mercury (shiny available), Mesdarius (shiny available), Shopet (shiny available), Porlin, Phantom and medium size pumpkabu. There are rare spawn for this event. HunterLarge size of Yamask (shiny available), Litwick and Pumpkaboo.

Out of this lineup, I will focus on catching rare glows like Merco, Messerschmitt and Shopet. Yamasak will be the biggest prize for the Great and Ultra League with Phantom and Pumpkabu with good individual values.

As far as raids are concerned, players should go. Darkness., Which will be a five star raid for this tour. Although Ultal has turned it into the best dark type in the game, it still has uses and can be shiny. Also, it will have a sled bomb, which does not improve much. Players want Focus Blast and Dark Plus to be its charge modes. Only the other raids I want to go are potentially shiny. If the players have no interest in Darkrai, I would prefer Yamsk, Marco and Alvan Maruk.

Pokemon Go Halloween.
New stickers will be available for the “Pokemon Go” Halloween mischief event. (Niantic)

Other note activities
The condition of the egg is slightly better than part 1. The big difference is that Phantom replaces Chungling, which is a huge improvement. As far as event field research work is concerned, they are not so good when it comes to the possibility of rare shine, but the fact that the player can compete with both types of yamsk is nothing to sneeze at. ۔

In addition to celebrating Halloween mischief, players will find two chapters in the Riot Season special research story that have been slowly unfolding over the past few weeks. In addition, Nyantik Gohlesh is presenting a collection challenge during the Pulse section. For finishers, don’t forget to finish before October 31st.

As expected, event bonuses focus on candy. You can call them an invitation. If you need space to collect Pokemon, they are great. Players will receive double transfer candy, double hatch candy and double catch candy. In addition, players are guaranteed to get Candy XL while walking with their friends. This event will be important for players who want to strengthen their Pokemon for Ultra and Master League.

Finally, players can expect to find new avatar items to help trainers turn into a scary season. They will also receive Halloween stickers. Finally, players will see new bundles in the store. The Bo Bundle has 16 premium print passes, eight super incubators, four incense burners and four star pieces for 1,480 poke queens. At the same price, they can also buy pumpkin packs, which include 18 super incubators, two incubators, four incense burners and four star pieces.

Both are better values ​​than the current boxes. If the players are busy laying eggs, the pumpkin pack is great. If players want a good mix, the smell bundle is solid. What helps add value is that Nantuck does not include ultra balls in the mix. I will stop spending money on existing boxes until new ones come along.

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