What we learned on the first day of practice at CCS

For Los Gatos coach Mark Krill, the first day of football practice is “like a Christmas morning” where he gets to see incoming juniors and seniors live up to the expectations that come with the hard work off-season. created through.

For other coaches, it’s time to drill down to the team’s most essential fundamentals of the game. All in all, the first day of practice marks a fresh start in what is expected to be the first “normal” football season since 2019.

“We don’t even kick off the COVID season anymore,” said Sera coach Patrick Walsh. “I never want to talk about it again.”

Instead of focusing on the grim past, teams in the Central Coast section took part in their first official practice of the season on Friday and prepared optimistically for 2022. Teams from the North Coast section will wait till Monday for their first practice.

Among the dozens and dozens of players who walked around the gleaming green field at Cerra’s Brady Family Stadium was senior lineman Ryan Silvers, working ever since the team lost to Mater dei-Santa Ana in the December Open Division state championship game. did not close.

“We’ve been lifting since January at 6:00 a.m., and after taking a week off in early summer, we went straight back to football and conditioning,” said the 300-pound San Diego State commit. “It’s been intense, but I think it will prepare us for the upcoming season.”

Soccer fans enjoy days of ankle-breaking jukes, hard hits, and deep bombs. But the coaches mainly focus on the mundane but essential aspects of the game, which are the blocks that are highlighted.

Walsh knows that those fundamentals will need to be automated if the Padres want to get off to a strong start against perhaps the most brutal line of opponents in Northern California. They go on to play Folsom in the Sacramento area, then for De La Salle, and then finally they host Central Catholic from Modesto to begin their season.

“For us, it’s all about the fundamentals, the fundamentals, the fundamentals, the fundamentals,” Walsh said, placing a little more emphasis on the four-letter word each time. “We spend a lot of time focusing on the fundamentals of football, like blocking.”

Gunderson’s coach Jason Harrison doesn’t have to deal with a similar line of opponents, but his message to his team was nearly identical. However, there was a turning point.

After not being allowed much in the way of team practice or workouts until early July in 2021, Gunderson players camped out of shape. There was no change in form until after the team lost the first three games by a combined score of 140-6.

Once they got into shape, the Grizzlies went 6-1 down the stretch. Playing fast as a team and beating opponents through fast-paced plays, Harrison will build this year’s team by executing fundamentals with speed, something he has already done during the summer. work done.

“This summer, we did CrossFit for our muscular and cardio endurance,” Harrison said. “It’s been night and day since last year, at least from an endurance standpoint.”

Down the road in Los Gatos, several familiar faces of Krill were peeking through the helmet during the team’s first practice. The Wildcats coach will now need to find a replacement for Boise State linebacker Jake Ripp, but he is confident that a collection of juniors and seniors will be able to fill the void.

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