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by Farnosh Amiri and Lisa Mascaro , The Associated Press

WASHINGTON – The House January 6 committee set for hearing today – Tuesday, June 21 – Activists of American Democracy – election activists and local officials – who have resisted pressure from Donald Trump to reverse the 2020 presidential election, several times with horrific personal attacks. Despite .

The January 6 selection committee hearing will begin today at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 a.m. Eastern) – Tuesday, June 21 – and will air on all major broadcast networks and most cable news networks.

Here’s a live telecast of Tuesday’s upcoming hearing:

(The next scheduled hearing from the January 6 committee will be on Thursday, June 23 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. Eastern).)

January 6, 2021, hearings of the investigation into the attack on the US Capitol reopened with a focus on Trump’s relentless effort to undo Joe Biden’s victory in the most localized way – by leaning on officials in key battleground states to cast ballots To reject outright or submit an alternative. Electors for the final tally in Congress. The pressure was heightened by the defeated president’s false claims of voter fraud, which, the panel says, directly led to a riot at the Capitol.

Embattled Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is about to testify about Trump’s phone call asking him to find “11,780” votes that could overturn the state to prevent Biden’s election victory.

Raffensperger, along with his deputy Gabe Sterling and Republican State House Speaker Rusty Bowers of Arizona, are set to be key witnesses along with Wandrea “Shay” Moss, a former Georgia election worker who, along with her mother, has said that she has to face such serious issues. faced public harassment. Trump aides he felt unable to lead a normal life.

“I was amazed by what I saw,” Bowers said in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday after arriving in Washington. “I think it illuminates something that we need to look at big time and take stock of ourselves. And I hope it calms us down.”

The public hearing, the fourth by the panel this month, stemmed from its annual inquiry into Trump’s unprecedented attempt to stay in power, a massive plan that the January 6 committee chairman likened to a “coup attempt”.

Tuesday’s focus will review how Trump was told repeatedly that his pressure campaign could potentially lead to violence against local officials and their families, but pushed it forward anyway, according to a select committee aide. And it will underline that the fallout from Trump’s lies continues to this day, with election officials facing ongoing public outrage and political challengers trying to take their jobs.

While the committee cannot accuse Trump of any crimes, the Justice Department is watching the panel’s work closely. Trump’s actions in Georgia are also the subject of a grand jury investigation, with the district attorney expected to announce the findings this year.

“While we will show during a hearing what the president’s role was in trying to get states to name alternative slates of voters, the plan initially relied on the hope that the legislature would reconvene and bless it,” said Representative Adam Schiff, D-California. , told the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

Schiff, who will lead much of Tuesday’s session, said the hearing will also dig into the “intimate role” White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, had in plotting to pressure Georgia state legislators and election officials.

Georgia’s top election official Raffensperger rejected Trump’s request to “find” enough votes to reverse Biden’s victory in the state — a request caught on tape during a phone call before the January 6 attacks.

During the call, Trump repeatedly cited unproven claims of fraud and raised the possibility of a “criminal offense” if Georgia officials did not change the number of votes. The state counted its votes three times before Biden’s victory was certified by a margin of 11,779.

Raffensperger’s public testimony comes weeks after he appeared before a special grand jury in Georgia investigating whether Trump and others illegally tried to interfere in the state’s 2020 election, and Raffensperger defeated a Trump-backed challenger in last month’s primary election.

Sterling, Raffensperger’s chief operating officer, became a notable figure in Georgia’s long post-election countdown, and recounting of presidential ballots, with regular updates to a divided nation often broadcast live. At one point, soft-spoken Republicans asked Americans to downplay the heated rhetoric.

“Death threats, physical threats, threats – it’s too much, it’s not right,” he said.

Bowers is expected to face pressure to reverse Arizona’s results — a request from Trump advisers that the Republican state leader called a “teenage” Monday.

In an interview with the AP after arriving in Washington before the hearing, Bowers said he expected to be asked about a call with Trump during which attorney Rudy Giuliani considered replacing Arizona voters with those who would vote for Trump.

Bowers also revealed a second phone call with Trump in December 2020, which he said was mainly small talk, although Trump also mentioned their first conversation.

Moss, who had worked for the Fulton County Elections Department since 2012, and her mother, Ruby Freeman, a temporary election worker, filed a defamation suit in December 2021. Moss claimed conservative outlet One America News Network and Giuliani falsely alleged that he and his mother had engaged in ballot fraud during the election. The case against OAN has since been dismissed with a settlement.

Both Bowers and Moss, along with Representative Liz Cheney, R-Vy., the panel’s vice chairman, were among the recipients of this year’s John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, “for their courage to defend and defend democracy.” “

The select committee also plans to address the elaborate “fake voter” plan that solicited representatives in seven battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico — to sign certificates incorrectly. Says Trump, not Biden, had won his states.

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