Where is John Ruffo? All the wild theories about his whereabouts

John Ruffo disappeared from the face of the earth in 1998 after being convicted of defrauding the United States and $350 million worth of foreign banks.

The former business executive is the subject of an ABC documentary series Have you seen this person? Which explores all the possible ways Ruffo has been able to evade detection for the past 23 years.

Ruffo was to serve a 17-year federal sentence in 1998 that required him to surrender, but escaped after being released on $10 million bail and has since been among the US Marshals 15 most wanted fugitives.

He was last seen on November 9, 1998 in security footage from an ATM in Queens, New York, which showed him withdrawing money before disappearing.

The ABC series, which is based on a podcast of the same name and was released on Hulu on Thursday, March 24, has executives having some of the wildest theories about Ruffo’s whereabouts.

1. John Ruffo moved to Italy thanks to the Mafia

One theory is that Ruffo fled to Italy after being released on bond because of his alleged ties to the Italian Mafia.

In Have you seen this person? It was said that Ruffo claimed to have ties to the mob, and conducted a hit on Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano and underboss Thomas Bilotti just below the offices of their company CCS, which was perceived as a potential conflict between the two. was seen as a relationship.

Born to an Italian-American family, the theory presented in the documentary suggests that Ruffo gained ties to the Mafia after growing up in a neighborhood that was described as the “epicentre” of the New York mob.

Ruffo was also said to have been interested in living in Italy and that he traveled there frequently with his ex-wife, Linda Lausten, who also spoke some Italian.

His former partner in crime, Edward J. Reiners told the authorities that his plan included Ruffo’s escape to Italy, and Lausten found a note after his escape with an address in Italy.

However, Robert Boyce, the former Chief of Detectives in the NYPD, claimed that Ruffo’s actions, which caused his family to lose their homes, may have disappointed the Italian Mafia, and so it is unlikely that they would have helped him.

2. The FBI Helped Him Escape

Ruffo is said to have had connections to the FBI as he once posed for a photo with an FBI assistant director and members of the FBI SWAT team.

When he was originally arrested, Ruffo claimed he worked as an undercover operative and said in an interview with an FBI agent that he was “helping to legitimize a covert operation. “

Ruffo’s former private secretary Jody Bachiman claimed that Ruffo was not lying about his work with the FBI, and that he and Ruffo’s ex-wife also believed the agent was using the CCS as a base of operations. were using.

Ruffo also claimed that he was assisting the FBI in finding secret Soviet spies and trying to blame them in the US.

Because of this, one theory presented in the documentary was that Ruffo was assisted in his escape by the FBI.

3. The Russians Are Hiding Him

It was also suggested that Ruffo’s alleged work with the FBI in helping to defect to Soviet agents gave him ties to the Russian government.

Senior Inspector Chris Leur and Deputy Danielle Shimchik of the US Marshals Service said in the documentary that they could not rule out the possibility that Ruffo was helped in his escape.

While one theory is that Ruffo is hiding in Russia, Eric Runk, the acting deputy chief of the US Marshals Service, said he has not been given enough intelligence to suggest that this is true.

He said he did not want to “guess” about Ruffo’s whereabouts and therefore felt he was in Russia which was a “dead-end” for the US Marshals Service.

4. John Ruffo is hiding in the plane site

Another working theory is that Ruffo, who will now be 67 years old, hides only in plain sight and is able to avoid capture because he can easily mingle with the crowd.

It was suggested that Ruffo could have used a surname, and the US Marshals Service shares his possible surnames such as John Russo, Jack Nitz, Bruce Gregory, John Peters and Charles Sanders.

In 2016, the US Marshals Service received a tip that he was seen watching a game between the Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers in Los Angeles in August.

A news release from the US Marshals Service at the time asked the public for any information about the person who fit Ruffo’s description in the game, per CNN,

However, after an investigation and comparison of fingerprints, it was confirmed that the man was not in fact Raffo.

5. John Ruffo Is Dead

One, final theory is that Ruffo is dead, and that’s why officials haven’t been able to find him for the past 23 years.

At the time of his disappearance, Ruffo left a letter to former wife Losten, who shared it in the documentary, claiming that he had reached his “breaking point”.

She said that in the letter Ruffo wrote, she had “no choice” but had reassured her that she had “beaten” the authorities, and had decided to give herself “to God”.

Regardless of the letter’s content, Lawston claimed that he did not believe he had killed himself, and Leur of the US Marshals Service said that Ruffo’s claim that he had “beaten” the federal government, he suggested. That he had not done so because the meaning of his death would be the exact opposite.

Have you seen this man in all three episodes? Now available to watch in full on Hulu.

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