Where to Play ‘Pokémon Go’ for Dino Community Day in the Bay Area

The biggest Community Day of the year is coming up on June 25th, as Dino stars in his special event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Irate is the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Generation V. (Sorry, despite its looks and typing, Tusk doesn’t meet the requirements for Pokémon 600 Club.) This means that Dino will be especially valuable to players and games in the Raid, Gym Raiders and Go Battle League formats. will see.

The fact that the special move, the Brutal Swing, is projected to have astonishing stats and a great effect that will reduce the target’s attack, will make it a meta game-changer. My best advice is to grab a Dino for every category of Go Battle League and evolve it into Hydragon to get the brutal swing. The shiny version also stands out with its green color and hair mop.

top two places
This is a Pokemon that will take out the community because of its demonic ability. Expect crowds similar to last year’s Gibble Day. With that said, there are two places Bay Area instructors should look: Jack London Square in Oakland and San Francisco’s Pier 39. Both will have in-person June Community Day meetups. That means players can pick up swag from Niantic for free in-game items like stickers, patches, and code pamphlets.

It’s a draw, but the biggest reason to go is that the event will attract a significant group of players to the area, thanks to dense spawn rates and Pokestops. This will give both these venues a festive atmosphere as players watch other coaches roam and catch Dinos. It gives participants a sense of the summer of 2016, when the game first came out.

It will be especially interesting to see how Pier 39 goes as this is the first ever Niantic hosted meetup in San Francisco. At the same time, the area will be crowded with tourists and other non-Pokémon players, so expect the area to be busy. I was in San Francisco for Go Fest 2021 and it would be an understatement to call it a madhouse. There was a parade confluence, with “Pokémon Go” players and street vendors hawking dozens of knickknacks. The crowd was such that it was difficult to leave.

special bonus
One of the event features that can work in San Francisco’s favor is that the city has plenty of gyms in the area. This has a big impact on the bonus for the day. The group bonus for the event is a Zweilous appearance when players capture enough dino in a lured spot. With these events, players usually lure all nearby halves, so the chances of hitting that bonus are all but guaranteed. Also, trainers should not spend any on sunshine as they last for three hours.

The real reason you’re visiting San Francisco is that the Zweils will appear in a four-star raid after the event, so if you arrive late to the festivities, players have the opportunity to grab a Shiny Dino at Community Day rates and expand the experience. There will be a chance. Celebration. There are caveats though: players can only use the Raid Pass and the Premium Battle Pass. Remote Raid Pass will not work. Dino would appear within a 300-meter radius around the gym, which hosted the raid, for 30 minutes.

With so many people and so many gyms, the party will probably last longer in San Francisco. Hard-core players will continue to play Dino Day. It will be interesting to see if there are any special effects that will inform the players of the affected gym or if they will have to wander around and search.

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