Who died in the finale?

After four years, win countless awards and incredible performances from Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Sandra Oh and morekilling eve has officially ended. In the fourth and final season, psycho killer Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) and former MI6 agent Eve (Sandra Oh) finally come together, not as enemies or acquaintances, but as lovers, something fans have come to see over the years. were waiting.

Nothing comes easy for Villanelle and Eve and instead of basking in the honeymoon period, Villanelle and Eve decide to take on The Twelve, which unfortunately came with some serious collateral damage that may never recover from fans. Is.

newsweek is the recap of the end of killing eve But alert, there are big spoilers below.

Sandra Oh Eve Polastri as Jodie Comer Villanelle in the “Killing Eve” finale. Eve and Villanelle both find themselves under attack by a sniper in the final moments of the episode.
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who died in killing eve ending?

killing eve Fans barely had a second to breathe after the deaths of Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and Helen (Camille Coutin) in part one of the finale, only to be hit by the most shocking death and most surprising circumstances of the entire show. .

Sadly, the legendary assassin and much-loved character Villanelle was killed off in the final moments of the last episode of Murder Eve. What made his death so shocking and upsetting to many fans was the fact that Villanelle and Eve were so close to their happy ending.

The finale episode finally saw Eve and Villanelle reunite in Scotland and together, they make their way to London on a mission to take down The Twelve, the mysterious organization Villanelle, Eve and Caroline have been trying to separate further together over the past four seasons. trying .

At first, it seemed that Caroline was bent on taking revenge on The Twelve after the death of her son, Kenny (Sean Delaney), but, after meeting Villanelle and Eve at the MI6 pub, she told Eve and Villanelle it. All done. Himself, taking a step back, in his own words, “to do something different.”

Following clues from a postcard, Villanelle and Eve find the boat on the River Thames in London, where the Twelve were having their secret meeting. Villanelle gets the job done as soon as Eve is inspired to perform a wedding as a distraction.

She poisoned the workers in the kitchen with a gas leak and waited for the smoke to incinerate them. As he waited, he heard Eve giving a beautiful speech, which made Villanelle realize that she was really nice and loved.

Eve said: “Relationships are a lot of work. They require effort, and you’re going to have a tough time. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re losing your way, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re the one -Losing another. But the beauty in your relationship will be found in the way you meet again.”

Tearful, Villanelle then slips under deck and bursts through a door into a secret living room where the Twelve had gathered. Unfortunately, viewers never got to see who the members of The Twelve were, but in a very satisfying sequence, fans did get to see Villanelle taking The Twelve down once and for all, upstairs. With the wedding party merged with the Eve dance.

When Villanelle was done, he and Eve took to the open deck to celebrate, unaware tragedy was at stake.

As they hugged, Villanelle and Eve were attacked by a sniper from Tower Bridge (the same bridge from the end of season 3 where they moved away from each other), forcing them both to jump into the water below. was forced.

The shooting was relentless and eventually, Villanelle, who had dodged death on several occasions, was defeated. Sadly, she died when she finally realized that she was well and truly loved.

As Eve came out of the water and a terror scream came out, Caroline was seen standing on the bridge with a radio on. A few seconds later, Caroline uttered the words “jolly good” to the radio, confirming that she was the one who ordered the hit on Villanelle.

Why did Caroline kill the villain?

well, at least in some killing eve The finale (kind of) got their happy ending.

killing eve Started with Caroline and MI6 trying to capture Villanelle and it ended with Caroline finally completing her mission.

Earlier in the season, Eve had discovered that Caroline played a large part in the production of The Twelve in 1970s Berlin, which explains why there was always a big question mark over who Caroline was really loyal to. . In the end, his only loyalty was to himself.

In the finale, Caroline insists on The Twelve’s newest assassin, Pam (Anjana Vasan), that she wants to return to MI6 after being kicked out for being a traitor at the end of Season 3 and will do whatever it takes to come back. was ready. at top.

For Caroline, killing Villanelle, the best killer of The Twelve, was the only way to get back into the organization she held so close to. Not to mention, she could pass off the Massacre of the Twelve as her deed.

other big moments from killing eve the end

  • It was revealed that Caroline knew Kenny all along, but didn’t pretend that as an excuse to stay in the game and take down The Twelve. Perhaps Kenny had actually fallen to his death when Konstantin warned him that they would follow him at some point. However, the letter Konstantin wrote to Caroline could well have been her confession that he was about to kill Kenny.
  • Despite killing Konstantin, it seemed that Pam had taken advice on leading a normal life, turned down Caroline’s offer to work for him, and walked away from The Twelve for Good.
  • Konstantin always loved Caroline. For the past four seasons, the nature of Caroline and Konstantin’s relationship has never been clearer. When he died, he asked Pam to give Carolyn a hand-written letter and asked her to tell Caroline that he had always loved her, which Pam did in the season finale.

Killing Eve is now streaming on Hulu, BBC America and AMC Plus.

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