Here’s a look at how the Miami Dolphins (3-0) and Cincinnati Bengals (1-2) come together in six key areas ahead of Thursday’s Week 4 match at Paycor Stadium (20:15, WSFL, Prime Video):

When the dolphins are running: With 192 yards of running and an average of 3.3 yards to carry, Mike McDaniel’s game has yet to start in Miami. Both numbers place the Dolphins second to last in the NFL for three weeks. Raheem Mostert (24 tries, 78 yards) and Chase Edmonds (23 tries, 79 yards) have split touches and have virtually identical stat lines. But Edmonds was able to hit two short touchdowns in Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills.

The Dolphins left winger Terron Armstead was played with a finger injury and right winger Greg Little replaced Austin Jackson, who is in the injured reserve. The narrow end of Durham Smythe, the better blocker between him and Mike Gesicki, nearly doubled Gesicki’s jumps on Sunday on limited occasions as Buffalo dominated his possession time.

The Bengalis are solid defensively on the run, finishing eighth in yards against and seventh in yards on trial. A big key to this is DJ Reader’s defensive att*ck in the middle, but it has to do with a knee injury sustained against the New York Jets on Sunday. Its availability can be crucial. Edge: Bengali

When the Bengals run: Cincinnati runaway Joe Mixon started slowly after his Pro Bowl 2021 campaign, which he ran 1205 yards in. He gets a fair share of the lead, nearly 20 per game, but only produces 2.8 yards per trial.

As a team, the Bengals had the best result in their rush in the opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers for 133 yards. They have since had 89 yards in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys and 69 in Sunday’s Jets victory. Cincinnati may want to run behind the new right side of the line, where La’el Collins att*cked and saved Alex Cappa.

The Dolphins come out one by one against the Ravens and Bills, in which they surrendered over 100 yards on the run, but that is not a true indicator of their effectiveness at stopping the run. They allowed mobile quarterback Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen to compete with them for most of those numbers, and defender Bill Zack Moss broke debts out, which defender Nik Needham failed to hold back. Miami just needs to avoid giving up on big games to consistently defend the run. Edge: Dolphins

When the dolphins have passed: The a big question mark is the availability of the playmaker Tua Tagovailoa how she deals with a back injury. If he can’t go ahead, Teddy Bridgewater will step in. He’s an established veteran, but he didn’t want his limited starters to join Tagovailoa before the Miami starter managed to return Sunday vs. the Bills.

We’ll give an advantage, assuming Tagovailoa, who said he was planning to play, can go and be close to his normal self. He still has the speedsters Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle who can turn the game in the blink of an eye, as we saw in the fourth quarter on September 18 in Baltimore. Hill is particularly motivated to take on defender Eli Apple after last year’s AFC Championship Game in which Apple’s Bengals eliminated former Hills team Kansas City Chiefs.

With the safety of Jessie Bates III in the rear and the defensive Trey Hendrickson rushing to the passer, Cincinnati presents a powerful passing defense that ranks halfway through the league. Tagovailoa will be hoping to play well with his fast winger, but Miami will also be eager to take their first falls and keep the ride going to give their defense a break after the Dolphins have more than doubled their ball possession against Buffalo. Edge: Dolphins

When the Bengals will pass: Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow did not field flashy numbers in early 2022 retired from his Super Bowl performance last year, but the # 1 draft of 2020 is still to be respected. In three games, Burrow makes 64 percent of passes for 812 yards, six touchdowns and four steals.

The number of four steals is one that stands out as the hawks Dolphins in Xavien Howard’s defense and Jevon Holland’s safety will surely be looking for a big game-changing game, especially after the recent takeover opportunities. Miami is looking for the right balance between blitz and reach as teams proved to be better prepared for the att*cks by coordinator Josh Boyer to kick off matches, particularly Baltimore and Buffalo in the last two weeks before Boyer adjusted in the second half. And it’s time for Jaelan Phillips to get his first bag in 2022.

The Bengalis have playmakers Burrow can throw at, between the wide receivers in the second year’s star Ja’Marr Chase (21 receptions, 212 yards, two touchdowns), Tee Higgins (13 receptions, 191 yards, touchdown) and Tyler Boyd (10 receptions). , 155 yards, two touchdowns), capable of catching a Mixon pass (13 receptions, 103 yards) and the tight end of Hayden Hurst (11 receptions, 77 yards). The Bengali offensive line, renewed from a much-slandered 2021 season, allowed Burrow to be sacked 15 times in three games. There the game can turn upside down, but if Burrow gets the ball to those wingers with Howard playing the injured and fellow defenders Nik Needham and Kader Kohou not playing, watch out. Edge: Bengali

Special teams: Dolphins make an embarrassing mistake by the special teams that will be deemed a “butt punt”. Punter Thomas Morstead kicked the ball into the rear of Trent Sherfield’s winger to have it ricocheted backwards across the rear of the goal line for safety. Proud Special Teams Coordinator Danny Crossman didn’t like having this malfunction the week after he gave up the kick touchdown.

The Morstead was otherwise solid, as were shooters Jason Bethel and Keion Crossen. Kicker Jason Sanders missed a field goal in Miami’s last two games. Bengali kicker Evan McPherson missed two of Cincinnati’s first three games after a great post-season last year. Trent Taylor gets an average of 9.3 yards from each point and Kevin Huber gets 48.7 yards from each point. Edge: Even

Intangible assets: Thursday’s games are as difficult to play as the road team. Remember when Dolphins on November 11 last year, nearly double-digit underdog against the rolling Ravens, handed it over to Baltimore at home in this shocking upset 2-7 against rolling Ravens? A short week and the resulting journey may have such an impact on the team.

That’s just further fueled by the grueling conditions the Dolphins just endured in Sunday’s home win against Buffalo. With the heat and humidity of both teams left and right, the Miami defense made a total of 92 snaps. It will be hard to overcome, but they get a mini goodbye that follows. Edge: Bengali

FORECAST: Bengals 24, Dolphins 23


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