Who is Colin Pitchfork and why is he back in jail?

Convicted child murderer and rapist Colin Pitchfork was released from prison in September 2021 after more than 30 years, much to the dismay of the public.

Just two months after gaining their independence, they now have sent back to prison After displaying anxious behavior.

Shortly before its release, Mann’s sister Rebecca Eastwood spoke to reporters: “Every woman and child in the UK needs to know that the pitchfork is at large. It could live on your street, or near your school.” Is.”

Who is Colin Pitchfork?

Pitchfork was born and raised in Newbold Vernon and attended the schools in Market Bosworth and Desford.

In 1981, he married his wife and had two sons. Pitchfork found work as an apprentice in a bakery and remained there until his arrest.

According to Pitchfork’s supervisor, “He was moody… and he couldn’t leave the female employees alone.”

Prior to his marriage, he was convicted of obscene exposure in 1976 and was sent for medical attention.

Pitchfork, now in his early 60s, was serving a life sentence after raping and strangling two 15-year-olds in Leicestershire in 1983 and 1986.

On 22 November 1983, the first victim of a pitchfork, Linda Mann, was found in a secluded area in the county.

Three years later, on 2 August 1986, a second body was found in a wooded area called Ten Pound Lane. It was later confirmed to be 15-year-old Don Ashworth.

Both were brutally beaten, raped and strangled.

First DNA evidence conviction

The Pitchfork case was a historic moment for justice in the UK, becoming the first person to be convicted by DNA evidence.

With samples left on the victims, police were able to track down the pitchfork, leaving neither any other clues nor evidence.

Due to his history of pornographic exposure, Pitchfork managed to persuade colleague Ian Kelly to pretend to be himself and give DNA samples to the police on his behalf. The killer claimed that he did not want to be harassed by the police because of his past and Kelly agreed.

At a Leicester pub, Kelly confesses his cheating to co-workers, but luckily a woman nearby overhears him. He then reported it to the police and the real Colin Pitchfork was arrested and found to be an exact match to the DNA left at the crime scene in 1987.

Why is Colin Pitchfork back in jail?

Pitchfork is back in jail after probation staff raised concerns about his behavior. He was seen approaching the girls on the road near his bail hostel.

report claim Pitchfork, a child killer, was also generally seen to have a “bad attitude”.

The second victim of the pitchfork, Don Ashworth.
The second victim of the pitchfork, Don Ashworth.

Upon the unsuccessful release of Pitchfork, the uncle of his first victim, Philippe Musson, told woman hour ,

“The Well-being of Children and Families” [was] Being subject to this experiment,” he said.

“I appreciate that we cannot lock the vast majority of criminals and throw away the keys, but there are only one or two who commit such heinous crimes against society that they have not been successfully brought back safely to society. May go.”


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