Who is Daniel McCarthy? Former GOP Senate candidate challenges Trump to $1M debate

An Arizona businessman who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2020 has pledged $1 million to charity if he participates in a live debate with former President Donald Trump.

Daniel McCarthy, who lost in the August 2020 Republican primary election to former Sen. Martha McSally by nearly 370,000 votes, posted the challenge on Twitter in a video that accompanied him to a red Make America Great Again hat with a flamethrower on fire. ends with installation.

McCarthy said he would donate $1 million to a charity of Trump’s choice — which the former president would actually have to choose from a predetermined list posted on McCarthy’s website — if he attended his upcoming rally in Florence, Arizona. Participate in a 30-minute debate with them. , on January 15.

Some of the proposed alternatives are the anti-abortion charity Save the Stork and the Jake Angeli Chansley Legal Defense Fund, set up for the capital rioters and conspiracy theorists known as Qion Shaman.

In the video, McCarthy criticized Trump over his time as president.

McCarthy said, “The world is waking up to your massive drift. Please stop with these audits with smoke and mirrors. Stop with your fundraising, stop supporting establishment candidate, pushing this gene therapy sauce.” Stop.”

“Think of all the things you’ve done that you haven’t been held responsible for,” McCarthy said.

“You Initiated Medical Torture, You Exploded Our National Debt, You Relinquished Our Sovereignty With the USMCA [United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement] business deal. You Passed More Gun Laws Than Obama [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] Fix nics, you warned about electoral fraud, but still you did nothing to stop it.”

After setting the MAGA hat on fire in the video, McCarthy said Trump won’t argue with him because he’s a “little b***h”.

“Trump will never talk to me because he knows he can’t because his family’s name will be tarnished forever,” he said.

newsweek Daniel McCarthy has been contacted for comment.

Who is Daniel McCarthy?

According to his website, McCarthy was born on April 2, 1985, in Watertown, New York, with his family later relocating to Arizona.

McCarthy moved into the real estate business world, eventually merging Walk-In Real Estate with West USA Realty in 2010. He left the West USA Realty partnership in 2013, a decision he described as “difficult.” “That business was like a kid. Me.”

That same year, McCarthy founded Deluxe Realty and The Original Makeup Eraser. McCarthy sold the makeup eraser business for a “rumored amount of undeclared” for between $30 and $50 million, still according to his website.

In 2020, he challenged McSally as a political unknown in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary race.

According to republic of arizona, McCarthy lent support as part of his bid to defeat McSally, as well as criticize the current state of the Republican Party.

“There is an almost primal feeling inside the Republican Party that we are losing our country, and they are sick and tired of being weak Republicans or fake Republicans,” McCarthy said. republic of arizona before the election.

In the end, the race wasn’t even close. McSally won by 75.2 percent of the vote.

Echoing Trump’s ongoing false accusations of electoral fraud, McCarthy suggested that McSally’s victory was evidence of rigged elections in Arizona.

McCarthy then joined the far-right Patriot Party of Arizona and was part of an effort to help establish it as an official political party.

However, the group missed an appointment with the secretary of state’s office in November 2021 to obtain the required number of signatures to be recognized as an official party.

“I think the confusion with the public is that our will as a party, it is purely … to have access and supervision of the ballot process and the voting process, and the mechanics of the voting process,” McCarthy told AZ Mirror. Told.

“Patriot Party, clearly we do not wish to split the Republican Party vote. Our desire is solely to work with county recorder offices to provide access to the actual ballot process and voting process.”

Arizona businessman Daniel McCarthy posted a challenge to Donald Trump in a video on Twitter in which he set a red Make America Great Again hat on fire.
Screenshot/Daniel McCarthy

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